color key

  1. Xænder

    ESC: Extended Scheme of Color

    As someone who pretty much doodles maps pretty frequently, I always try to find a Color Scheme that has a big size but that also still tries to be usable for both casual and more hardcore map-makers. In the last months I have constantly using both DCS and THICC for my projects, and I finally...
  2. Pastel Colour Scheme

    Have you ever wanted to make a map using pastel colours? Neither has anyone else. Well now you can, with the brand new prototype of the Pastels Colour Scheme! Obviously it is not nearly finished, but I wanted to make a prototype that people could critique before advancing further.
  3. erictom333

    DCS Revised: A Better Color Scheme

    Drex's DCS color scheme is all well and good, but it's been almost a year since the last real update. I'm fixing that. Conventions Text is set in 9 point Arial with no anti-aliasing. Darker shades, in the left two of the five boxes, are created by painting over the color with 25% opacity black...
  4. erictom333

    The Zelda Color Scheme

    The Zelda Color Scheme (ZCS for short) is a highly specialized color scheme meant for making maps of Zelda games, both canon and fanon. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  5. SNECCCK (SuperNerd's Expertly Curated Colour Comparison Key)

    [Note: SuperNerd is my alias on other websites] There are a lot of colour schemes out there (you'd probably know) and sometimes it's hard to find the colour you want. That's why I'm creating SNECCCK - to easily compare different colour schemes. Currently, the schemes it will be including are...