1. SlyDessertFox

    Roman Empire Timeline Cliches To Avoid

    I was reading the Byzantine Empire Timeline Cliches To Avoid thread, and I figured it might be fruitful to create a similar thread for Roman Imperial timelines. I am not presently planning on writing any timeline (though I'm always toying with ideas), but nevertheless there are a lot of cliches...
  2. TheWitheredStriker

    The umpteenth "Byzantine Empire survives" TL; clichés and pitfalls to avoid? Unique ideas to add?

    A billion different "What if the Byzantine Empire never fell?" timelines exist, and I am all for them, plentiful as they may be. In fact, I plan to add another one to the pile; one that butterflies Manzikert whole. But I notice that many of these timelines (not targeting any TL on this forum...
  3. Oba Cahokia

    How does the existence of a surviving Confederacy effect Europe or Global Geopolitics in General?

    So I heard it was a bit of cliche for the CSA to join the Allies and for the US to join the Central Powers in WW1 but one of things I keep hearing is "the world would be radical different". How exactly does the Confederacy effect the political of the globe in not just North America and the...
  4. Kalga

    How much of our modern consensus of the inevitability of Allied victory in WWII is due to information after the fact?

    Basically the question is: in the darkest days of the war (June 1940-mid 1943) do the various countries of the allied powers actually know the true data of both themselves and the axis powers? I'm asking this question due to one of the usual attacks on any axis victory timeline (the self styled...
  5. Clichés in Central Powers Scenarios.

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a Central Powers Victory scenario and would like to know clichés to avoid making a lazy timeline. My scenario is based on a German victory at Verdun, which allows in the long run to break through the French lines and bring them to the negotiating table. Brest-Livostk is...
  6. What are some cliches in a Central Powers victory TL?

    There are some very obvious ones, like Mittleafrica and German puppets in the east, but these are all based on real German plans so I am not sure if they can be avoided. Of course, many of these cliches are inspired by Kaiserreich, but I would like to avoid some of them in my timeline that...
  7. Tomislav Addai

    An umpteenth Vinland timeline

    So I guess this has been done over and over again, but really I d like to examine what would have happened if the Norse had survived in Vinland and what effects would it have if other events remained the same
  8. Kaiser Chris

    Worst 19th Century Alternate History Cliches

    So recently we have had the Worst American Civil War cliches along with the Worst 20th century cliches. I figured it would be interesting to start up the conversation again and focus on the 19th century as a whole. However do try and limit the American Civil War ones for the thread and the...
  9. Petike

    The single most cliché-ridden work of Alternate History

    Be it book, comic, movie, web project, anything. I want to hear your honest opinion. :cool: