1. IsaacXII

    The Dawn of a Century: an Iberian timeline
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    Asturias, Spain, December 1475 "Checkmate!" the Princess of Asturias exclaimed as she moved her knight across the checked board. She looked up at her mother and gleamed, basking in her achivement. "Excellent. You are learning very fast, Isabel" Queen Isabel of Castile congratulated her...
  2. kasumigenx

    The beloved prince – survival of Afonso of Portugal
    Threadmarks: Isabel of Aragon and Prince Afonso of Portugal

    On 1491, Isabel of Aragon would announce that she is pregnant with a son to Alfonso, Prince of Portugal, she would give birth to a daughter named Eleanor, named after her grand mother on December 10, 1491. The couple would have the following children namely; Eleanor of Portugal b. December 10...
  3. Scenes from other worlds
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    A little collection for my trees with with eventual snippets, characters’ stories and backstories and similar as I do not like making full TL but often I have more material than simple trees and I do not know where share it ... A surviving Yorkist Europe Thread Mary, Queen and Empress Thread...
  4. Gintoki Sakata

    Se Deus quiser, há-de brilhar! - Uma História do Império Português (Updated 03/18)
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Roots of an Empire

    Prologue: The roots of an Empire Se Deus quiser, há-de brilhar, De novo a Coroa sobre as Lusas armas! Que a nossa Pátria soube, sempre honrar, Que a nossa Pátria soube, sempre honrar! The Kingdom of Portugal is a byproduct of the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula. Founded in its...
  5. kasumigenx

    Hija de Paz - A Spanish timeline
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    Hija de Paz Hija de Paz On July 10 of 1498, Margaret of Austria would give birth to a daughter who is sworn as the heiress of Castile and Aragon, she would name after the Queen of Castile. She is named as Isabella of Castile and on the birth of his cousin, Miguel da Paz, she is betrothed and...
  6. Una diferente ‘Plus Ultra’ - the Avís-Trastámara Kings of All Spain and the Indies (Updated 11/7)
    Threadmarks: 1. Un príncipe perdido, un otro príncipe adquirido (1497-1498)

    Winner of the 2018 Turtledove Award for Best Early Modern Timeline ~ Un príncipe perdido, un otro príncipe adquirido ~ The Iberian Peninsula c. 1497-1498 El Bautismo de Don Juan - 1478 On a particularly gloomy September day in the year 1497, Fernando, king of Aragon, and his wife, Isabel of...
  7. kasumigenx

    1492 – A different renaissance

    1492 – A different renaissance On 1492, Queen Isabella of Castile was persuaded by her husband, Ferdinand of Aragon decided to focus on the battle moors and the reunification of Iberia, North Africa and Jerusalem rather than to finance the impossible expeditions of Columbus. She decided that...