alternate music

  1. Pre-1900 music PODs

    What might be some interesting Pre-1900 music PODs?
  2. AeroTheZealousOne

    [Discontinued] A Different Sound of Silence: An Alternate 20th Century And Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction & Cover

    Hello all. I've decided to finally begin work on my own timeline, having been inspired by the many great authors and timelines on this site to finally attempt to write one. Q: What's this timeline about? A: Arthur Zimmerman, at the last minute, decides not to send the infamous Zimmerman...
  3. Alternate Festivals, Alternate Music and Song Lyrics

    Hi, I found an 8-year-old thread in the Writers' Forum about this theme, but it didn't get too far. Today, I thought about alternate world music and songs. Not so much pop and rock songs (I am not knowledgeable on those even in OTL), nor alternate national anthems or patriotic or propaganda...