alternate 1953

  1. luxtaythe2nd

    ATL: Potsdam, Yalta, and others go differently and the Cold War goes down a weird path

    This is an alternate timeline in which a bunch of conferences, treaties, wars, and other stuff that defined the Cold War are done differently (however unrealistic they may be), causing a snowball effect that would make the Cold War go very differently (and also very wacky). This is my first big...
  2. The Gamer Sunflower

    What's Iran's bright future if it were not for Mohammad Mosaddegh being overthrown out in 1953?

    While I'm not on Mosaddegh's side but for whatever reasons, America and British decided not to overthrow Mosaddegh in the Alternate 1953... so what happened to Iran today? would Israel still be friends with Iran? How is Iran's relations with the world be like?