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  1. Dam or reservoir targeted during 9/11

    I tend to think in a pre 9/11 world terrorists could have blown up a dam, just sink a boat with enough explosives next to the bottom of it and set it off. The sensors might lead to the police being called, but a few men with guns would probably delay the response long enough for the plan to go...
  2. America - Albion's Orphan - A history of the conquest of Britain - 1760

    So you’re saying that the real reason the treasure was lost was inflation and not the thieves they met along the way?
  3. POD's for a more united Anglosphere

    I’d say the way to get the anglosphere together is to make everything else worse. When the USSR falls China goes with it, Mexico turns into an anarchic civil war precipitated by drugs, and government corruption. East Germany turns into a basket case with communist die hards blowing things up...
  4. WI: Dick Cheney killed Harry Whittington

    There'd probably be fewer jokes about it. Ultimately accidents happen though.
  5. The least meaningful "Great Man"

    I sort of think the baseball analysis concept of WAR, Wins Above Replacement is useful here. 1 WAR is essentially saying a player is better than a nominal random minor leaguer in that they'd give their team one more win over a season. All the people on the list were talented, and I don't think...
  6. It's A Long Way To Nagasaki: The Anglo-Japanese War

    One nice part about the timeline is that without the US involved there's much less certainty about the eventual outcome. It's good to see real alternate history, as opposed to slightly different around the edges history.
  7. AHC: Real Nazi base in Antarctica

    It could be a fun little timeline, except my google history now has drug cartels, amphetamines, and escaped Nazis right in a row. I'm looking forward to seeing what adwords makes of that. Tons and tons. If it was enough oil to matter it couldn't be secret, there'd need to be tankers and...
  8. AHC: Real Nazi base in Antarctica

    If we want the Nazis down in the Antarctic to last any length of time they'll need to be fanatics which we can handwave, and resources which we can't. Geothermal power gets you electricity with minimal work and no need for really advanced science. It's hard to eat electricity, and fishing will...
  9. Under what conditions could a matriarchal world have emerged?

    If women in prehistory are pumping out and raising six kids they’re going to be too busy to do too much else. Agriculture benefits linearly from more workers, so families are going to want to be as large as possible. Even ignoring any cultural expectations if men are out doing all the visible...
  10. WI: George W. Bush dies in February 2001

    Yes, but that only matters if Cheney dies. Cheney gets to nominate his own VP.
  11. DBWI: Tsarist Forces Dont Win The RCW?

    Every single communist revolution has led to a failed state in five years or less. Even if the monarchists lost the remnants of the state would be begging for their return within a decade. Moscow’s reputation as a bachelor party haven probably would get butterflied, which is an awful shame.
  12. The Red Flag is Split

    Yeah, also giving China advanced munitions ignores that China is currently helping a nation the US is literally fighting a war with. A few satellite photos or intercepts could be denied where crates of M16s or whatever can't.
  13. AHC: Make William H. Taft a Contender For Greatest U.S. President

    Wars are what really get the people going. Have something WWIish kick off when Taft is in office and he sends the boys overseas. When they come back he sponsors some sort of universal health care/social security which allows both sides of the current political body to respect him. The Gilded Age...
  14. DBWI: Greatest Tales from the Cannonball Run

    I really liked Elon Musk’s first try in 2008 where his Tesla was recharged in motion by microwaves emitters carried by 18 wheelers. The video of the seagull bursting into flames was hilarious, and since his team didn’t win none of the purists got too annoyed about ‘in flight refueling’. Custom...
  15. AHC: Have a land value tax replace the income tax as the main source of revenue for a nation.

    Wouldn’t it diminish the incentive to improve your property unless it was structured like a capital gains tax?
  16. Non-Soviet nuclear explosion to begin WWIII

    Or to the US subs or the B-52s hanging out on runways. The entire point of the nuclear triad is to ensure that a first strike isn't decisive.
  17. Non-Soviet nuclear explosion to begin WWIII

    Why wouldn’t they just smuggle their own in? If the USSR wins they win, stories about the USA starting it with a false flag is pointless. If the US wins they’ll get proof it was the USSR. Using American fissile material seems pointless when they’ve got more than enough of their own.
  18. WI: The Americans Imported the Hippos Into the Mississipi?

    To be fair, they do much better dancing.
  19. WI: The Americans Imported the Hippos Into the Mississipi?

    You're probably picturing hippos fighting crocodiles, which they already do.