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  1. Discussion: What was your first Alternate History idea?

    Oh wow :D It was way back in 2005 while studying for the national medieval history exam at the university I encountered a title used by the Kings of Hungary. It was Rex Rama. Traditionally it is considered to be an alternate name for medieval Bosnia even if it only refers to a small region that...
  2. What if Magyars settled in Anatolia and The Seljuks in Pannonia

    I don't think Seljuks could successfully settle Panonnia mimicking what Magyars did. Panonnian Germans and Slavs will have roughly 200 years to consolidate their settlement and population centres. By the time of the Seljuk invasion, I cannot see a successful settlement of a nomad confederacy...
  3. Yugoslav Wars and Atomic bomb

    Considering Yugoslavia's OTL economic woes, if the financing of the NP causes an economic downturn means the rest of the economy is healthy enough to function without that specific burden.
  4. Yugoslav Wars and Atomic bomb

    A Yugoslavia that is stable enough to finance the nuclear program is a Yugoslavia that avoids the economic downturn and thus more likely than not does not disintegrate. Furthermore, the way SFRJ was structured, the weapons would be 99% under the control of the JNA, making them unavailable to the...
  5. WI: Unified, neutral and fully democratic Korea after WWII?

    It would heavily depend on the economic system they choose to follow. Capitalism and we would see a slower developing Korea of today potentially tapping heavily into the future unaligned movement. Socialism and I would expect the country to remain relatively poor for longer than OTL. Now...
  6. Louis the Great of Poland and Hungary and Elizabeth of Bosnia had a male heir

    If there is a male heir a lot of OTL feudal anarchy (especially in Croatia) will be avoided as well as Bosnian encroachment along the Adriatic coast and hinterlands. A Hungary that is internally stable will be a completely different beast on the international stage.
  7. Frankish Empire: a different division

    If the butterflies do not change the rest of the world two much it looks like Burgundy and Aquitaine would be in the best position in the 2nd half of the 9th and 1st half of the 10th centuries. West Francia will have to deal with the Norse raids, East Francia will have to deal with the Magyars...
  8. Is there any way for the Bosniaks to win the Bosnian War?

    How would they do that without an approval from either Serbia or Croatia? I really can't see either Bulgaria or Greece being fine with Turkey launching airstrikes through their airspace needed to establish air dominance in order to bring sufficient men and material to Bosnia. Involvment of...
  9. Is there any way for the Bosniaks to win the Bosnian War?

    Hard to say. The movement of people in the 18th and 19th centuries in what is today BiH was massive. There were at least three major and several minor (re)settlement waves that at the given time significantly changed the demographics of the area. While better demographics for Bosniaks would...
  10. Is there any way for the Bosniaks to win the Bosnian War?

    Most of the Serb population left during the Operation retreating ahead of advancing Croatian forces. The decision of the local Serb leaders to evacuate was a blessing in disguise for Croatia as it reduced the potential for retaliatory killings. Without full foreign support, it would not be...
  11. What countries can claim to be the oldest nation states?

    @Crazy Boris where did you take those dates from? Looking from my local (Central and Southern Europe) professional point of view, a few of them are quite questionable.
  12. What if there was a Fourth Axis Power?

    Making Yugoslavia go more right wing will not make them pro-German, but quite the opposite.
  13. When is the Earliest a possible time we could have a Black President?

    I know it is wildly proclaimed Obama was the first "black" president, but considering his ancestry was he really? Wouldn't it be correct to say he was a mulatto president?
  14. What if Mussolini invaded Yugoslavia in October 1940 instead of Greece?

    Italian pressure would in my opinion homogenise the population of Yugoslavia. One of the primary reasons why Slovene and Croatian delegations made the deal with the Serb and Montenegrin ones post WW I was to avoid greater Italian occupation than it happened OTL. Even during the OTL Axis...
  15. WI: Hungary was a great power?

    Croatia in and around the year 1500 was in a really bad spot to provide comparable population numbers. What are you trying to compare? Then I can provide you with more appropriate estimates.
  16. WI: Hungary was a great power?

    Indeed. People often forget that majority of medieval Croatia was a highland fastness. Hungarian kings had difficulties projecting power in that direction which is why a layered system of autonomy and influence developed in OTL. Poland has no such features.
  17. Pan-West Germanic-Empire in an alternate no-HRE scenario

    At what point did ERE restore control over the Balkans?
  18. No US immigration after 1895

    While I do not doubt there would be an uptick in illegal immigration how substantial are the numbers we are talking about? The means of doing so in the late 19th century are quite different from today.
  19. Pan-West Germanic-Empire in an alternate no-HRE scenario

    If as you say ERE recovered better from the 9th century crisis how did it come to pass that Venice broke off from imperial authority? How, when or why was an imperial theme of Dalmatia acquired by Venice? How did Venice expand into the interior again a consolidated power if it happened before...
  20. Pan-West Germanic-Empire in an alternate no-HRE scenario

    How did the borders of Dalmatia end up as they did in your timeline? The borders you show are a result of quite a specific set of circumstances that are hard to replicate especially with the backstory you provided. :)