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  1. Why did the tribe die out in Europe but continue to thrive in Africa and Asia

    Tribalism by the definition of clans was alive in Europe until late in the 20th century in former Yugoslavia.
  2. WI: Japan Goes for USSR instead of USA + some more pods.

    While there were some oil fields in Sakhalin, production only took off in the 1990's - that they would be technologically developed in 1930's is technologically ASB if nothing else. Same with Kamchatka that only took off in late 1980's. Sorry.
  3. AHC/WI: Communism without Collective Farming?

    Oh? Then check out this article for a counter-view. Please ignore the host site's Soviet apologism, I'd like to link to the university but it seems to be under data protection or something.
  4. WI: Czechoslovakia goes the Soviet route?

    Even assuming that is correct - I have grave reservations about the German military invading a whole Czechoslovakia in 1938 - how does that translate into Nazi victory, or even put Germany in a better position?
  5. AHC: Make the USA feasibly win the Vietnam War

    Four million Vietnamese were killed for nothing?
  6. WI: Czechoslovakia goes the Soviet route?

    I don't think they need Soviet help. To quote from an earlier thread:
  7. AHC: Make the USA feasibly win the Vietnam War

    I didn't know you were a Vietnam war veteran. A whole lot of Vietnamese were killed, I'm not sure what else was accomplished. Dolchstoßlegende? That's a surprisingly apt description.
  8. AHC: Make Russia Europes first democracy

    I'm not sure if it counts as "Russia", but if Khmelnytsky was less of a reactionary ass I guess something progressive could come out of the Cossack Hetmanate.
  9. What is the earliest possible time that civilization could have emerged?

    Unrecognizable from the original form maybe, but again I think people vastly underestimate the competence of geologists. Conglomerates - which concrete turns into - give important clues about the ancient environment they formed in, and I doubt this is an exception, especially since there would...
  10. What is the earliest possible time that civilization could have emerged?

    I'm feeling so much secondary shame right now.
  11. WI: China withoud one-child policy

    And the problem isn't very severe now either, growth-horny mentality (which I think this boils down to) aside. Just for comparison:
  12. AHC: Industrialise Mexico

    The title insinuates that Mexico is not industrialised today, which I think paints a pretty Tintin-esque picture.
  13. WI: China withoud one-child policy

    ...Which is apparently more disastrous than a couple hundred million extra people, which definitely wouldn't have an aging problem a few decades from now.
  14. AHC: Industrialise Mexico

    Mexico is the fourteenth largest industrial power in the world - while there's still room for growth, I'd say it's pretty thoroughly industrialised.
  15. Why do you like a Confederate victory?

    Not even remotely in the same league as Nazism. Trying to suggest otherwise is close to holocaust denial.
  16. Why do you like a Confederate victory?

    ... Screw it, you and your ilk are not worth the muscle power required to type a response to this.
  17. Does it matter if one nation controlled the Baltic

    Alternate Second Northern War ending in Sweden wank: Denmark is annexed into the Swedish empire, which is perilously close to OTL The Polish-Lithuanian affair is more sanely handled, ie the Swedes actually stick to the war plan instead of going on a wild goose chase. Finally, a personal union...
  18. AHC: European Israel

    I sure would like to go on a Baltic cruise to Israeli Königsberg.
  19. WI: Europe imports the repeating crossbow

    The lessened force of bolts was historically compensated for by smearing venom on them, so that even slight wounds could kill.
  20. Was it possible for economic reforms to occur while Mao was still alive?

    No, he pretty clearly noted the revolutionary potential in Russia. If there was anything he would be horrified at, it was the Bolsheviks disbanding the soviets, who had so much goodwill they named the nation. Marx the economical philosopher =/= "Marxists"