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  1. What is the 20th century like without the Russian Revolution?

    How much more significant might Paul Robeson be?
  2. WI US realises Japan's plans. Loses at Hawaii. What happens eslwhere in the Pacific?

    Suppose the intelligence had been put together. So The Phillipines are on the alert. Warships have all watertight doors close. People there to man guns. US aircraft in the air Japanes forces lose a lot. They have to fly back fairly early because of fuel shortage. Then the Japanese fleet is...
  3. Roosevelt Revisited

    I think Eleanor Roosevelt as VP is more plausable if LBJ was the President than John Kennedy
  4. AHC/WI: United Kingdom national football team

    Add Pat Jennings and Georgy Best UK holds the Cup in 1970
  5. John Smith, 51st Prime Minister of Britain

    Actually I think the tories would have lost by even more under Smith. The Lib Dems would be closer to him and more tactial votes
  6. Realistic best case Scenario for International Communism after 1945

    Stalin dies or has a personality transplant. Poland 'Finlandized'. Possibly No West Berlin. In OTL Czechosolvakia voted in legitimate elections for Communists. And in the context of the defeat of the Nazis Communists and the Soviet Union had potentially HUGE soft power.
  7. AHC/WI: Humphrey beats JFK in 1960

    Maybe Humprhey pushes for a Great Society, Vice President Johnson is effectively still master of the Senate
  8. WI Paul Robeson was not a tankie

    Suppose the USSR did not exist , or maybe Robeson broke with the Communists over the Hitler pact. It does seem to me that he was an incredibly impressive person who's views on pretty well everything except Stalin and the Soviet Union were sound and intelligent Could he have been significant in...
  9. WI No Barbarossa/Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Stalin seems to have been super naive about Hitler. What if the trade goes on. And maybe Stalin promotes resistence to the British Empire in India and possibly other places. Britain might be seriously threatened if the effort that went into Barbarossa went into the battle of the Atlantice
  10. WI no Lenin or Leninism

    I wonder if Germany realised it could get a Peace treaty if it were not so extreme as Brest Litovsk might they have offered it. Maybe without war Russia could sell food to Central powers
  11. Is a successful Reconstruction ASB?

    The thing is that the US constitution rightly prevents ex post facto laws even though holding slaves was clearly immoral. However treason, though narrowly defined, clearly covered the Planter class
  12. WI no Lenin or Leninism

    Suppose the guy either died by 1901, was not born, died as a kid or was born a girl. I think that this probably prevents the Bolshevik coup (AKA Great October Revolution). I assume that there is still some kind of radical change. Maybe the Germans offer more reasonable terms. Would a radical...
  13. Is a successful Reconstruction ASB?

    Another factor woudl be changing juries. Excluding anyone who had been involved in the treasonous rebellion and allowing former slaves
  14. Huey Long is not assassinated, but does not become President. Effects?

    I have the impression that Long was less racist than the average Southern politician. Is that true? What impact would it have on thr 1950s
  15. Is a successful Reconstruction ASB?

    The key things are land redistribution and it happening early. In the spring of 1865 the South was beaten and basically knew it. Pretty well the whole World was shocked and outraged at Lincoln's murder. A President could have made pardon for treason condtional on accepting the full freedom of...
  16. What if Humphrey won in 1968?

    Humphrey does a peace deal, much on the basis that Nixon did. a couple of years earlier than otl. Republicans get angry. Reagan loses by almost a Goldwater margin in 1972. Republicans run a moderat in 1976 likely a Republican year. Economic issues in late 70s mean Democrats win in 1980...
  17. From Hollywood To Wood Lane: Patrick Stewart is Doctor Who

    I think he would do best as like the first doctor. Susan's grandfather in 1963
  18. Nixon wins in 1960 - who runs against him in 1964?

    If Nixon were President either there would have been a catostrophe in 62 with his accepting military advice over the missile crisis in 1962 or Vietnam would become a 'vietnam' years earlier
  19. WI: President Al Gore kills Bin Laden before 9/11

    It somewhat depends on when this happens? I rather presume that the outrage had been in the planning stage before January 20 2001