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  1. AHC : Make Germany own a capital ship post World War 2

    If large amphibs count for the purpose, I’d say it’s possible for the Germans to buy and operate something like the French Mistral class. Being able to operate a mix of amphibious assault ship and helicopter carrier would be useful.
  2. The Lead Up to the Zweiter Weltkrieg (Kaiserreich)

    I’m partial to Flynn’s CSA, but I doubt an organization that democratic could actually come out of a war that brutal. My vote is for either American Caesar or Pelley’s Coup in a victorious AUS.
  3. The Lead Up to the Zweiter Weltkrieg (Kaiserreich)

    Please please please let there be Savinkov’s Russia. LONG LIVE THE VOZHD!
  4. Los Angeles Tank Rampage Question

    If they could get it to slow down and get alongside it, they could take out a track or even a road wheel with a pretty small charge.
  5. Los Angeles Tank Rampage Question

    A Track is a harder target to hit than the massive partially exposed engine.
  6. Los Angeles Tank Rampage Question

    I guarantee you that any major city’s bomb squad will have C4. They don’t need any guns to stop this tank. Just a demo charge or two tossed on the engine bay. They Police don’t need to “kill a tank”. They just need to render is mostly unarmored engine inoperable. And given that the driver...
  7. Could Hitler had defeated Britain without declaring war on USA and soviets

    What happens to the German economy when the MEFO bills come due and they have to start paying for their resources from the Soviet Union but they are no longer conquering places and stealing their wealth as means of keeping their economy rolling?
  8. Earlier nuclear weapons.

    Isn’t the issue that there’s no way to deliver it without there being a suicide mission for like a ship or sub? A gun-type atomic bomb is pretty simple but it weighs so much that no aircraft can drop it.
  9. Los Angeles Tank Rampage Question

    Plenty of stuff the police have can stop a tank. Once again, they don’t need to defeat the armor, just the engine. Demolition charges from the bomb squad placed on the engine bay can certainly kill that tank.
  10. Challenge: name an airplane uglier than the Lloyd Luftkreuzer

    Wait, that’s not a rack of side armor for a Stryker?
  11. Los Angeles Tank Rampage Question

    It would look very effective for a police force. You could also do something like toss a simple C4 charge on the engine bay for the same effect. They don’t need to defeat the armor. They just have to defeat the engine. It’s his only weapon and from the driver compartment he can only really...
  12. Los Angeles Tank Rampage Question

    More professional than having a Cobra kill a tank driven by a civilian with TOW in a major American city.
  13. Los Angeles Tank Rampage Question

    Why would you need a gunship? With no other weapons than ramming stuff and very limited visibility, just start throwing Molotov’s on the engine bay until you burn it out.
  14. Earliest USA entry ww2

    Depending on how you define “World War 2”, December 1937 could be a possibility if the Panay incident has escalated instead of Japan backing down and paying the indemnity.
  15. DBWI: America had invaded Iraq

    I think the bigger issue would have been the diversion of assets and focus from the fight in Afghanistan. There’s no way we’d have the relatively stable Afghanistan we have today without the occupation having an uninterrupted supply of forces and material throughout the 2000’s.
  16. A Matter of National Security

    The 1.1” was problematic, but the .50cal is not a sufficient replacement. Could this TL see a completion of the Colt-Browning .90cal?
  17. Hybrid Warship e.g Hms Terror crossed with Hms Fearless

    I could have sworn the new Flight actually have VLS installed.
  18. Hybrid Warship e.g Hms Terror crossed with Hms Fearless

    Can’t the San Antonio class already launch a shorter range surface to surface missile? Can’t remember what it’s called.
  19. Hybrid Warship e.g Hms Terror crossed with Hms Fearless

    Isn’t the entire point of modern amphibious warfare doctrine that you land at locations away from where the enemy has major defenses that would require big gun shore bombardment?