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  1. Plausibility Check: WWI delay

    Supposition: The Great War is delayed. For some reason tensions aren't as high in 1914. Question: Can the war be delayed long enough such that technological advancement would rule out trench warfare as it occurred in OTL?
  2. List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

    Part of a future timeline I have been working on. Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of Australia Malcolm Turnbull Liberal/National Coalition Present - 7th August 2018 Turnbull grows more beleaguered by the day as the Citizenship Crisis remains unresolved well into the year. Attempts to...
  3. Massively Multiplayer: Gaming In The New Millennium

    An Apple question Have they shifted to Intel processors for Macs like OTL or are they still on PowerPC?
  4. Request Maps/Flags Here

    A worlda for the 1st January 2017.
  5. W.I. there were a forum for alternative history fans

    OOC: I'm sure he forgot to specifiy that this is a DBWI. --- IC: I'm sure there is an obscure one somewhere.
  6. Massively Multiplayer: Gaming In The New Millennium

    Kat Dennings as Rogue.
  7. Massively Multiplayer: Gaming In The New Millennium

    A good update, with Lyssa meeting Fisher and Reynolds. Very touching. (My ATL self would still have the same username (and had seen Episode II at a midnight screening). As for the name of OTL, I was going to go for Single Player Nintendo, Sony Goes Alone.)
  8. WI: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Movie

    Except Katsulas would still be busy with B5.
  9. WI the World Trade Center isn't built?

    Bin Laden would still hate the US. (There would still be an Al'Qaida, and Bin Laden would authorise a similar attack on US targets.)
  10. American Kings other than Washington

    A basic list of Elected Kings based on OTL lifetimes and who was the POTUS at the time in OTL. Not rigorous by any means, and there are some interesting results... List of Kings of the United States of America 1. George I Washington April 30, 1789 - December 14, 1799 2. John I Adams April 30...
  11. Internet Licence?

    The Internet license could pay for the BBC's net/web presence.
  12. Player Two Start: An SNES-CD Timeline

    I'm still going to think that my sister who was born in 1999 OTL, would still be born. (The biggest difference for us will be the lack of SG-1 and the presence of an Ultra instead of a 64.)
  13. OTL Map Thread Mk IV., 2014-

    Are there any maps which show the borders of the Nigerian states?
  14. Horror at the Dawn of the Millenium: An Alternate War on Terror TL

    While John Anderson was the Deputy Prime Minister, it would be Peter Costello who would become Prime Minister. (The PM always comes from the party in the Coalition which holds the most seats.)
  15. Player Two Start: An SNES-CD Timeline

    A question. When does the Ultra get released in Australia? (or did it come out there at the same time as North America and still suffers the same availability issues?)
  16. AHC: make New Orleans the largest or second largest French speaking city in the world

    Would it possible to have a Flemish speaking Kinshasa?
  17. Player Two Start: An SNES-CD Timeline

    With Star Trek: Rubicon, maybe there won't be an Enterprise TTL, rather a series about one of Gary Seven's predecessor's on a trireme that's going where no Roman has gone before.
  18. Player Two Start: An SNES-CD Timeline

    Good Timeline so far. There is another butterfly that can affect Star Trek. With the end of Deep Space Nine's third season, there is a potential for a change, as the producers were initially going to have a cliffhanger ending to the finale, but the studio executives didn't want one. The...
  19. WI: Gaming Killed in 1985?

    It will come back in some form. (And it would only be killed off in North America. In Japan, it would continue.)
  20. TL: The Imperial Evolution (a stronger Commonwealth)

    More like TTL's version of fascimile.