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  1. Carter wins the 1980 election

    I'd say Mark E. meant this in terms of his competence. But hey, the challenge only said "make him win in 1980", not "hold Democrats in power for longer".
  2. WI: President Bernie Madoff in 1988

    Two words: Oh shit.
  3. More post-1700 mass religious conversion

    Does conversion from one brand of Xtianity to another one count?
  4. Carter wins the 1980 election

    The OPEC decides for unknown reasons to double oil prices two years later?
  5. The Fatherland - a Nazi victory TL

    Many of today's Germans wouldn't live. Even if you don't go too extreme with the chaos theory, the WW2 jumbled the German population pretty much, and "Generalplan Ost" would do the same, just in a very different way.
  6. Carter wins the 1980 election

    Apparently they thought things were just like they had been in their youth and didn't bother to check whether they had changed. Yes, looking at statistics should have sufficed, but there you have people: Too many would rather commit suicide than admit that they might have been wrong. (Especially...
  7. Screw the English language as hard as possible

    The Celtic and Basque languages.
  8. Minimize casualties in WW1

    More competent generals?
  9. Screw the English language as hard as possible

    Last month I made this thread: If this lasts, it'd help. The PoD would be around 1400, though.
  10. WI: United Hesse region?

    If it happens, it should have Rheinhessen too. It was part of Hesse until 1945. And the people there still rather consider themselves Hessian.
  11. Screw the English language as hard as possible

    Yeah, but not easy. Ask Philip II of Spain, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Willy 2, Hitler...
  12. Screw the English language as hard as possible

    I think this is way too late. Go one century back, before they took control of North America and India. In my Chaos TL (which has a PoD in 1200, though), English is restricted to the British Isles, New Zealand, Canada (minus - wait for it - Ontario!), and the "Canadian Commonwealth" comprising...
  13. What if the Nazis decided to seek Lebensraum in Sub-Saharan Africa?

    Atlantropa was a funny idea, but the nazis didn't like it.
  14. AHC : Native Americans Immune to Europeans

    I'm no expert... if the Vikings could make it to Greenland back and forth (until the Little Ice Age struck), what did they have what the Carthaginians didn't have? - If an antique people could make it, I guess it'd be them.
  15. AHC : Native Americans Immune to Europeans

    Gurps AE suggested that a Carthaginian ship is blown off course in 5XX BC. This leads to permanent contact... OK for you?
  16. Alternate TV Tropes pages.

    Can't speak for everyone, but no.
  17. Less cartoonishly evil nazism - how would they be thought of?

    OK, I had thought you had referred to the weirder aspects of the nazis (Hitler biting carpets, their fascination with the occult, drug abuse...)
  18. Austrian Colonialism and Race

    The Czechs certainly wanted independence, and the southern Slavs as well. Governing the country became more and more difficult. The bureaucracy alone was a nightmare.
  19. If Maria Theresia Marries Fritz; What of Maria Anna?

    What do you mean, has this ever been suggested? Saxony had silver mines at that time, Upper Silesia only has coal. So or so, it wouldn't be the absorption I had in mind.