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  1. WI Benno Ohnesorg is never shot?

    Therefore, the militant left in West Germany do not have him as a martyr figure, nor will the subsequent trial of Kurras serve as a rallying point. With less popular support, will the radical leftists in Germany die out (thus preventing such groups as the RAF and the June 2 Movement), or will...
  2. AHC: Illegalism more popular

    Not, y'know, with the authorities or anything. But how can we give illegalism more credence among the common people as a political ideology? Maybe make Jules Bonnot and the like a more romantic, Robin Hood-like figure?
  3. AHC: Russian Fed as Medical Superpower

    Basically, how can we get Russian medicine to be recognized as leading in technology, research, treatment, and practice? Also, have Russian doctors in practice all over the world and universally admired for the quality of their art and care.
  4. WI the De Beers monopoly isn't broken?

    Suppose outside interests in various countries don't manage to create an effective operation and distribution scheme outside the De Beers network, and De Beers maintains their diamond monopoly up into the present? What does this mean for the diamond trade, blood diamonds, and monopolistic...
  5. No '92 Riots

    Suppose Rodney King decides not to drive home after drinking and therefore is not arrested or filmed. This means no riots the following year. What would a world where these riots never happened be like, or would that pent-up anger just explode over something else later on?
  6. 1968: Columbia University goes bad

    The student uprising at Columbia University was some pretty serious stuff. A lot of different New Left student groups, such as Students for a Democratic Society, Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers, and the Student Afro Society were represented. Buildings were seized and there was some scuffling...
  7. AHC: Less nuclear power in France

    France is an interesting case in that nuclear power is the primary source of electricity for the entire country. This is interesting given the distrust and resistance nuclear power has met in other countries such as South Africa. Basically, I'm asking what event or series of events, short of...
  8. AHC: Abolish capital punishment in Japan

    The death penalty enjoys a fair amount of support in Japan today, but there is a growing vocal minority who oppose it. The challenge here is to render it illegal through political changes in Japan. Maybe a high-profile case turns the public against it or a different PM takes office.
  9. No French Connection

    Suppose the famous drug-smuggling ring never gets off the ground for whatever reason. What does this mean for organized crime and drug use in the United States?
  10. WI the Red Brigade killed Dozier?

    What if for whatever reason the Italian far-left terror group the Red Brigade murdered their American hostage General James Dozier in 1981 instead of releasing him? What would the US response to the kidnapping and murder of an active-duty Army general officer be? And this no doubt discredits the...
  11. War between US and SA country, 1930s

    I was idly looking at the Rainbow War Plans when War Plan Purple caught my eye, which provides for a conflict between the United States and any given South American country. This got me to thinking as to how the United States might end up at war with a South American country in the 1930s...
  12. Clear Bulgarian Victory in Second Balkan War

    How early of a POD do we need to have Bulgaria win the Second Balkan War? Not necessarily achieving every last one of their goals, but a negotiated settlement that's clearly in their favor.
  13. WI Sacco and Vanzetti found not guilty?

    Suppose for whatever reason, overriding the prejudices of the day, Sacco and Vanzetti are found not guilty during their trial? What long term effect might this have?
  14. Propaganda of the Deed: Frick Assassinated in 1892

    What if Alexander Berkman succeeds in killing Henry Clay Frick in retaliation for the Homestead Strike, then commits suicide immediately afterwards? What is this going to mean for anarchism in the United states and labor unions? Will this act gain the anarchists the support they think it will?
  15. Yiddish Policemen's Union

    Anyone read this book by Michael Chabon? It's a mystery and slice-of-life foremost, but the AH content is pretty interesting. The basic premise is that the Slattery Report is made a reality. This leads to a North American Zion, the bustling metropolis of Sitka in the Alaskan panhandle. The world...
  16. Realistic ways to lose Swiss neutrality

    Alright, let's brainstorm a little. What realistic ways can we come up with that lead to Switzerland being heavily involved in foreign affairs and possibly even send military troops? I would prefer this to be due to changes in Swiss internal politics rather than any great external influence...
  17. Plausible Alternate Medical Terminology

    Come up with alternate names for diseases or medical conditions, but make them plausible and explain your reasoning. For example, autism spectrum disorders might be known as Kanner Syndrome, for Leo Kanner, the child psychiatrist who did much of the pioneering investigative work on autism.
  18. WI the OAS manages to kill de Gaulle?

    I figure it's time we try and bring a fresh perspective on an old question. Suppose just one of the two hundred some-odd bullets fired at de Gaulle by Bastien-Thiery's men actually hits and kills him. Given the political instability of France at the time, what might have followed? Civil...
  19. What if Jason of Pherae hadn't been murdered?

    His name came up in one of my classes and I was rather tantalized. Honestly, if he stayed alive it might have really seriously changed Greek history. With Hellas in disarray, a lot could have gone in his favor if he had been alive to realize his ambitions. Anyone who knows more about Greek...
  20. WI Somoza doesn't kill Sandino?

    Suppose Augusto Sandino escapes death at the hands of the National Guard in 1934 and continues to be a thorn in Somoza's side for years to come? What does this do to the Somoza dynasty in Nicaragua and how does the US take this?