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  1. John F. Kennedy, Jr. LIVES

    What if John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Piper Saratoga did not crash into the Atlantic Ocean on July 16, 1999? How would the course of history be effected if the son of the 35th President of the United States had lived?
  2. Arab Conquest Prevented: Linguistic Consequences

    Ideal thought: Islam never forms, the Arabs are never united, The Byzantines defeat the Arabs at Yarmouk, whatever. The Arab conquest just dosnt get off the ground somehow, and Roman rule of Syria, Palestine and Egypt continues for centuries more. Lets also say that the Arabs are also unable to...
  3. Khazars Conquer the Caliphate

    While reading the infallible Wikipedia, I came across this: Which got me thinking; would a Khazar conquest of Iraq be at all possible in the 9th, 10th, or 11th centuries? (where the Khazars still around in the 11th?) And what would be the consequences of that?
  4. Akkadian?

    Paging Leo I guess (and anyone else who might know anything about it), but I've been reading up on Ancient Mesopotamia (trying to write a paper) and was wondering when exactly Akkadian went extinct? I know it became a minority language second to Aramaic in Iraq after the establishment of the...
  5. Frankfurt made capital of West Germany

    So what if Frankfurt was chosen as the capital of West Germany instead?
  6. Umayyads don't conquer North Africa

    What if the Byzantines successfully kept the Umayyads from conquering the Exarchate of Africa in the 7th century? How would the Western Mediterranean develop without the Islamic conquest?
  7. Ford wins 76 Election

    Gerald Ford wins the 1976 Presidential Election against Jimmy Carter. What happens next?
  8. Different Midwest map challenge

    Your challenge: devise a different way the Northwest territory could have been broken up, based on possible logical alternate state boundaries and possible alternate settlement patterns.
  9. Eisenhower dies before 56 Election

    What if President Eisenhower dies of a heart attack in 55 or early 56? What does the 1956 Presidential Election look like?
  10. Jesse Jackson Democratic Presidential nominee, 1988

    What if Jesse Jackson beat Michael Dukakis in the Wisconsin Primary, and went on to win the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1988?
  11. No Holy Roman Empire

    Otto I remains King of the Germans.
  12. Jimmy Carter assassinated

    So what happens if Carter is assassinated in 1979?
  13. Manchurian Mexico

    (what the hell, I thought I saw this) Best way to have a Manchurian Mexico?
  14. Post WWII Kingdom of France

    Anyway that the French monarchy could be restored sometime after 1945?
  15. The Crusade of 1101 Successful

    So what if the Crusade of 1101 was more successful?
  16. Philip Augustus stays with the Third Crusade

    So what if Philip dosen't get dysentery, and stays with the Crusade?
  17. Soviets invade Turkey 1945

    So what if the Soviets invaded Turkey in 1945?
  18. Napoleonic Sealion

    Napoleonic Invasion of Britain: more or less possibility of success then then an Invasion by Nazi Germany?
  19. What Ifs? for James II

    In 1688 James II, the last Catholic King of England fled for France after Parliament invited William of Orange (along with a sizable army) to come and claim the English throne. James II was captured before making it to France and deposed from the English crown (but allowed to leave for France...

    Alright,here is what we are going to do: I have a map here, without labels or context; you are going to tell me what you think is going on here. So, how about it?