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  1. Rosella

    Mean Explosive Selection Scheme

    Oy vey, another color scheme. Or: Tired of having color schemes full of colors that don't fit and have no use? AAAAAAAA! The first* descriptivist color scheme! Not designed for the colorblind or anyone whose vision varies from mine, apologies. Designed like a concept car: Cool idea...
  2. Rosella

    Micro-Worlda Development/Showcase Thread

    This is the new thread for the new 602x325 px quarter-pounder-size Worlda. Being done in Robinson from the start, because you can't stop me. Why am I doing this? A certain someone asked for it, and I already had the quarter-size map. Advantages / Upshots: - Good for comparing to something...
  3. Rosella

    How much would it cost to refurbish an Apollo Capsule after reentry?

    Would it be worthwhile to refurbish an Apollo capsule? What about a Soyuz capsule, or even a Gemini one? I know they did it with the X-15, so...
  4. Rosella

    Pixel-Kilometer Ratio

    Here's the story: In GIMP, I had made an island on a QBAM map. I had no idea what its size was, not even remotely. Then, I had an idea. I opened the standard QBAM and measured Long Island. It was 26 pixels. Since Long Island is 190 km (118 miles) long, I divided 190 by 26 (and 118 by 26) and...