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  1. A True October Surprise: The Added Surprises
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  2. A True October Surprise (A Wikibox TL)
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  3. Northern Irish Protestant politics in a unified Ireland?

    I'm curious as to what the board (and especially the Irish/Northern Irish members) think the Protestant majority in Northern Ireland would integrate into the Republic of Ireland's political system if Ireland unified sometime after the 1960s. Would the conservative unionist parties merge with...
  4. 10 Worst Mistakes AH Authors Make (io9) I haven't really read any of the other authors cited in the article, but I like how Turtledove has done the majority of the ones he's telling other AH authors to avoid. Especially #3. :rolleyes:
  5. WI: non-Orange Bookers bolt?

    What would happen if non-market liberal Lib. Dem. MPs bolted to Labour after the 2010 election? Who would be left on the Lib. Dem. benches? And would Cameron get his Lib-Con coalition?
  6. Labour Wins in '51=No '53 Iranian Coup?

    According to the Genocide's article on the 1953 Iranian coup d'etat that put the Shah in power in Iran, Attlee wasn't in favor of ousting Mossadegh militarily, but with using economic sanctions while using agents to destabilize his supporters. What I'm wondering is: what if, by some POD...
  7. WI: A hybrid gridiron football

    For whatever reason, let's say that gridiron football did not split into American and Canadian variations, but mixed-and-matched parts of both. Here are the differences in comparison to OTL American gridiron football: Canadian-size football field (110 yards long by 65 yards wide, with two...
  8. Early American entry into WWI=No Haitian or Dominican interventions?

    Say the US, for whatever reason or logic, enters WWI on the Allies' side on or before January 1915. Would the US still intervene/occupy Haiti in 1915 and the Dominican Republic in 1916 (assuming the conditions and rationale for invasions remain the same as in OTL)?
  9. WI: The Communists had accepted Reagan?

    According to the book Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events That Changed The World, Ronald Reagan wanted to join the Communist Party in 1938, in part because a lot of his friends in Hollywood were members. The Communists, apparently thought Reagan was "a feather brain... a flake who...
  10. American Commonwealth 2010 election poll

    Well, Prime Minister Clinton has called a snap election. I guess the Liberal backbenchers were going to rebel over her refusal to push for an exit from Afghanistan. Which party are you going to vote for next month? OOC: This TL is where the United States made nice with Britain and got their own...
  11. US Prime Ministers, 1789-2020

    No, the title isn't a typo. The POD is that instead of choosing (or arguably creating) the modern presidential system, the Constitutional Convention instead decides that the British system is the most efficient, with a few changes (no rotten boroughs, an independent judiciary, written...
  12. US Parliamentary System

    Probably done numerous times on here before, but I'm too lazy to look back through old posts and all that. WI the Constitutional Convention had set up a Westminster-like system instead of the presidential system that the US uses today? (Note: I'm thinking either a constitutional monarch or a...