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    No Weapons Shipments from Czechoslovakia: Impact on 1948 War?

    IOTL, the Jewish Agency (and later the state of Israel) made extensive purchases of weapons and ammunition ahead of, and during the 1948 war. If, for whatever reason, the Czechoslovakians were unwilling...
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    No War in Europe: Does Japan still launch the Pacific Campaign?

    Lets assume that the European theater of WWII either doesn't happen at all, or is concluded with some peace agreement by the end of 1940 at the latest (if the specific POD matters to the ultimate answer, go with the usual PM Halifax + disaster at Dunkirk cliche scenario). The Second...
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    AHC: Western Allies conclude ceasefire with Nazi Germany

    Is there any possible way for the United States and United Kingdom to conclude a ceasefire with Nazi Germany - or are both countries irrevocably committed to defeating Nazi Germany, whatever the consequences? For this hypothetical, the United States has to join the war against Nazi Germany at...
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    Peace after Dunkirk: When does the UK rejoin the war (if at all?)

    For sake of argument, lets assume that a complete or near complete capture of the British Expeditionary Force by the Germans (no halt order on May 23rd?) leads to a different resolution of the War cabinet crisis in May 1940, and as consequence the British seek armistice terms, and eventual peace...
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    Demographics of the United States 2012 Presidential Election by County

    ----- Well, here it is. My spreadsheet (with 17 individual inputs per county) has been finished, and I can calculate the political breakdown of the four major American racial groups in about a minute. Rather than try to post cutouts of each state at once (and then reassemble them), I've...
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    1st Map Telephone/Cadavre Exquis/Chinese Whispers

    LSCatilina suggested the idea of doing a game of Telephone/Cadavre Exquis/Chinese Whispers, but with maps. Each person involved in this Map Chain would create a map - and send only their map (sans written description - which will be included here when necessary for context) to the next person...
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    WI: President John C. Breckinridge during the Secessionist Winter

    Now this is an interesting question. Let's assume that President Buchanan dies in November of 1860, after Abraham Lincoln has been elected. For simplicity's sake, lets assume he dies of illness or a heart attack. Accordingly, Vice President Beckinridge becomes President in the interim period...
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    Reagent's Monthly Map Lottery

    Reagent's Monthly Map Lottery! *Not necessarily an accurate representation* What the hell is this? I've gotten a number of map requests from many individuals. Many people want maps made for timelines, or scenarios they just find really interesting. The problem is there are too many requests...
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    A Máquina do Mundo

    A Máquina do Mundo Uma História do Império Português An Alternative History by Reagent --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sonhava, anónimo e disperso, O Império por Deus mesmo visto, Confuso como o...
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    Quinto Império: uma História do Império Português

    Quinto Império: uma História do Império Português An Alternative History of Portugal by Reagent ------------------------------------------ Sonhava, anónimo e disperso, O Império por Deus mesmo visto, Confuso como o Universo E plebeu como Jesus Cristo. Não foi nem santo nem herói...
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    Sit Nomine Digna

    Sit Nomine Digna May She be Worthy of the Name “Our colonial statesmen must acquire new lands for settling the surplus population of this country, to provide new markets... The Empire, as I have always said, is a bread and butter question” -Cecil Rhodes "I have said before, and I...
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    AHC: More Guantánamo Bays

    How can we get more Guantánamo Bay situations (where one nation exercises perpetual jurisdiction and control over a territory and has a military base there, while recognizing that another nation retains ultimate sovereignty) to arise? One idea I had was Mers El Kébir (and possibly Bizerte)...
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    A África que o Português Criou

    A África que o Português Criou The Africa that the Portuguese Created "Proof that a multi-racial society is possible is forthcoming from Brazil, the greatest Latin-American power and a nation of Portuguese roots. It would, therefore, be necessary to deny this fact, as well as many others...
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    No South African Border War: How long does Apartheid last?

    Let's assume there is no South African Border War (due to UNITA running Angola from the onset, Portugal hanging on, or whatever). How long (if at all) could this prolong the lifespan of Apartheid in South Africa. The Border War forced South Africa to increase its defense spending at a rather...
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    Angola Avante!

    Forward Angola Avante! will examine the effects that an earlier, sustained, migration of Portuguese to Angola would have on Portugal, Angola, Africa, and the entire world.