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  1. New J N Stroyar book-Nazi victory aftermath series

    Yes there really is a new J N Stroyar book it`s called Becoming Them and finally completes her The Children's War series her books set in a Nazi victory TL. I`ve not read it yet since I only just found out about it but from the extract it is just as good as her first two books.
  2. I need new science fiction book reccomendations

    I want to read some new science fiction but I haven't seen anything I like. If you have any recommendations I`ll check them out. My favourite authors include Phillip K Dick, H G Wells, Ray Bradbury. I have tried to read hard science fiction but have not enjoyed it.
  3. Is Harry Snappdove from the Stone Dogs

    an expy of Harry Turtledove? We know Stirling put an expy of Harry in the ISOT series as Ian Arnstein. This and the description of Snappdove in the Stone Dogs as having a "hooked nose, balding head and a brush of dark brown beard" (The Stone Dogs pg268) makes me think that the answer is yes...
  4. Should I buy For Want of a Nail by Sobel?

    Hi everyone I`ve been think about buying this book I found a hardcover in good condition for a good price online. I think it sounds interesting based on the Wikipedia article and the timeline done by Ian. But I`m worried that it will be too boring I`ve just been able to read the preface and that...
  5. Has anyone heard of this book?

    Has anyone heard of "World War II 1939-1948 A Novel about the Aftermath of a Nazi Victory" written by Bem Allen, published in 2000? It appears to deal with America losing World War II. After I buy it I will post more. It is available through and
  6. Should I buy the following books?

    Hi everyone should I buy the following AH books? 1901- Robert Conroy 1945-Robert Conroy 1942-Robert Conroy 1945 Red Inferno-Robert Conroy Death is Lighter than a Feather- David Westheimer Fox on the Rhine-Douglas Niles & Michael Dobson Fox at the Front-Douglas Niles & Michael Dobson...
  7. Who here has read the World Hitler Never Made?

    As the title says who has read this book? It`s an analysis of most of the AH media of what if Hitler won or escaped and survied the war and alternate holocausts. It was written in 2005. I finally got it over a month ago and loved it. I just want to hear what others think of it.
  8. I need book suggestions

    I need new AH and dystopian sci-fi book suggestions. I have. WorldWar, TL191, ITPOME, TMWTIH by Harry Turtledove and I will be buying his appeasement series. The Domination series by SM Stirling, I will buy peswhar lanchers. The Axis of Time. Fatherland The man in the high castle Making...
  9. Warning Harry turtledove`s Timeline 191 novels are out of print in UK

    I tried complting the Timeline 191 series by requesting the missing books from Waterstones but were told they were out of print. I then went round three different bookstores trying to find them but was told the same thing. However I did get two from W H Smith and one from Waterstones. Don`t...