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  1. Getting the De Medici to betray the Catholic Church…

    So yeah, is it possible for the De Medici to betray the Catholic Church in some fashion? How and When could this be done? And what would be the consequences of such an action? (Any period when the De Medici are in power is fine, though I tend to be more favorable of dates around 1600-1650)
  2. Challenge: Get Enron to survive to 2004, but no farther

    What it says on the tin. After watching a documentary on Enron, I wonder how one can get the company to survive another few years for the lulz.
  3. Lucky Eight: A Tale of a Grander USFL

    While I desperately try deal with my writers block, I want to talk about the USFL, so let's go: Lucky Eight #0 The USFL was a curious league, trying to challenge the supremacy of the NFL by not challenging it all with it's spring season. The USFL also brought a number of other innovations...
  4. A question for the Climate experts

    How would a continent in this area affect global climate:
  5. The Great Bear Run: A Tale of the Collapse of '08

    The Great Bear Run #0 "The Economic collapse of 2008 could be regarded as one of the defining moments of the 21st century, the fall of old order followed by an immense period of upheaval as the major powers of the world tried to make sense of the brave new world that sat before them."...
  6. FDW's Weekly Map Challenge #2

    Okay, It's back, the Map Challenges rules are the same as before, I provide a little info about the map and you try and come with the way these countries came to be, let's get started. POD:800 Year:1800 Tech Level:1860 The Lotharingian's are at war, who there at war with should be...
  7. FDW's Weekly Map Challenge #1

    Okay here we go with something new, a little map that I thought up, the year is 2000 and you have to figure out how these borders came to be based on the hints that I will give. -POD: 1300 -Tech level: 1950, no nukes. -The Country that controls Constantinople is NOT Byzantium. -The...
  8. Effects of a surviving Gran Colombia?

    Exactly what it says on the box, come up with whatever reason you might need to have it survive to cause said effects.
  9. WI the UN stayed in San Francisco?

    Hello everyone I'm back from a self-imposed break with a burning question on my head. OTL the UN charter was signed on April 25, 1945 in San Francisco, California. Now lets assume that the "how" and "why" have been solved, and what we are focusing on are the potential local ( Development in and...