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  1. Plausibility Check- Polynesian colonization of the Galapagos?

    It definitely sounds plausible. One aspect of the trade winds that would help continued contact (but hurt the growth of a permanent Galapagos settlement) is that it would be easier to return west than it was to sail the initial voyage east. Here's a map of the trade winds (the other map is of...
  2. deleted

    Use a mix of the border and the river color to denote a border on a river, maybe?
  3. Weirdest ACW

    Benito Juarez takes refuge in California after Emperor Maximilian wins the French intervention in Mexico. The Old Northwest Confederacy is also called the North Western Association (N.W.A.). When the Union tries to annex them, the N.W.A stationed somewhere in Indiana goes 100 miles and runnin'...
  4. deleted

    Are you planning to add rivers at some point or mainly just lakes? They could make the basemaps for OTL years easier to make.
  5. Map Thread XI

    Cool idea and neat map. Would the Manden in North Africa be supported by local mercenary armies?
  6. Map Thread XI

    Oh, I thought the Parthians were in Dacia because the Iazyges were Iranian. So Dacia is just regular-ol' Thracian?
  7. Map Thread XI

    Is Egypt Kushite or post-Punic? Are the Anxi alternate Huns, or a related people? Are the Numidians still proto-Berbers, or have they been Punicized? Are the Parthians Dacianized or do they still speak their own dialect? Are the Basques Celts, or just 'undercover' in Varduli and Aquitani...
  8. Punic Empire

  9. Anahuatlacanco: The Land Between the Waters, Land of the Nahuatlaca

    Dunno if this is thread necromancy, but looking back on this TL, it was really awesome. I don't know how I didn't follow it before.
  10. AHC: Chinese population less then half a billion

    Nice try, Imperial Japanese Army.
  11. Asian Nobles immigrating to the United States in the late 18th, early 19th centuries?

    Would it be possible for some Asian nobles to immigrate to the early USA? They would give up their titles of course, or hold them only ceremonially. Unless they arrive before 1787, then they could get an exception. By Asian I don't mean Chinese or East Asian in general, I mean all of Asia. So a...
  12. Largest possible Spain

    Yes. Belgium, Naples, Milan, and Franche Comte. All wealthy and distant like the Netherlands, all ruled by Spaniards, but stayed under Spanish control much longer without much religious conflict. If France is a different religion form both Netherlands and Spain, the Netherlands will even be...
  13. Largest possible Spain

    Somehow prevent, stop, or super-amplify the Reformation, so that Spain and the Netherlands are the same religion (whether that is Catholicism or some Protestant branch). Then Spain keeps the Netherlands, which is a huge boon to their treasury allowing the maintenance of other territories elsewhere.
  14. AHC: Lasting foreign occupation of Afghanistan

    OTL. Pretty much everything before the Mughal Empire, and then again in the late Mughal Empire until the Durrani Empire becomes independent.
  15. AHC: Entire Mediterranean gets invaded

    Well, that was more than one war. By the time they were invading the rest of the Mediterranean, they already had more than half of it.
  16. AHC: Entire Mediterranean gets invaded

    Something to that effect. Or the first industrial power in an ATL, with a very early POD, invades a stagnant Caliphate/Roman Empire.
  17. AHC: Entire Mediterranean gets invaded

    Unless one side is totally successful for the first few years, and then the other side totally reverses the tide and occupies the other half. Though when posting the challenge I was thinking of one power outside of the Mediterranean or with just a small coast there, invading the sea.
  18. Map Thread XI

    Coincidence, but many of those Roman Empire borders (Africa, Italy, Anatolia, mainly) are similar to those of the Andalusian empire I posted a couple pages back.
  19. AHC: Entire Mediterranean gets invaded

    How could the entire Mediterranean be invaded at the same time, in one war?
  20. Map Thread XI

    Well it also has the meaning of a vicar or deputy, and successor could also be construed as a successor in general, or successor to the previous ruler. When the Caliph converts to Christianity, he doesn't necessarily call for hundreds of new bishops to enforce the exact, Rome variety of...