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  1. TimTurner

    AHC/PC: Germany reverses ToV and Nazis stay irrelevant

    Let's say that for whatever reason Weimar Germany does survive for decades, and Germany regains its strength over time. How plausible is it that they reverse ( some of) the changes the treaty brought upon, territorially and/or otherwise?
  2. TimTurner

    PC/WI/AHC: House of Capet terminates earlier

    The House of Capet, after an unbroken chain of sons inheriting the throne, suddenly ran into problems in the later 1200s, leading to the extinction of its male line in the early 13th century. What would the ramifications be of a similar crisis taking place earlier?
  3. TimTurner

    WI/AHC: The May Coup fails or is averted altogether?

    OTL, the May Coup in May 1903 was responsible for Serbia switching allegiance, leaving the pro-Austrian camp. What happens if it is a failure, or is not undertaken at all? What PODs would realize this? What long-term consequences stem from this? (placed in pre-1900 to allow wider range of PODs...
  4. TimTurner

    WI: Cleveland wins another term in 1888

    what ramifications occur if Cleveland narrowly wins re-election by winning NY by a margin a shave tinier than his win in 1884, and thus goes in for another term? With Ds winning a one-seat House majority and Rs keeping their one-seat Senate majority in the 1888/1889 senate elections? What...
  5. TimTurner

    PC/AHC: a large Byzantine Empire with over one-third of its subjects Muslims in 1500

    Is it possible? POD can be as early as befits the scenario. Also, by "large" I mean at least roughly an area equivalent in land area to all of Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece combined as they exist in the present day. Bonus points if a) if you can get the Muslim % up to a near-majority, b) if you...
  6. TimTurner

    AHC: Biggest possible Brazilwank

    With no POD prior to 1821, have Brazil be as powerful, large, and populous as possible by present day. Bonus points if Brazil keeps Uruguay.
  7. TimTurner

    WI: Japan doesn't go into isolation

    What happens if the winners of the Sengoku Jidai avoid any strict isolation policy?
  8. TimTurner

    WI: WWI has Germany, UK, and Russia on same side

    Exactly what it looks like on the tin. I figure that, easily, that the issue if anything would be getting the UK and Russia aligned on the same side either due to chance (one nation going to war with both of them) or due to some sort of agreement settling the Great Game. Bonus points if you can...
  9. TimTurner

    PC/WI: alternate WWII alliances

    your challenge is to bring about an alternate World War II with its players being a Democratic Russia (different Russian Revolution), Democratic Japan, UK, and France allied against the fascist powers of Germany, China, Italy, and Turkey. Bonus points if the US and/or Brazil can be made into a...
  10. TimTurner

    WI: East Pakistan decides to join India

    What happens if shortly after the Liberation War the former province of East Pakistan decides to apply to join the Union of India in gratitude for India's help? And India agrees? How is India effected?
  11. TimTurner

    AHC: Korean-based nation conquering Japan (and vice versa)

    It is well known Toyotomi Hideyoshi tried and failed to conquer Korea. I'm yet to hear any evidence that the Joseon (or any of their predecessors) tried the same, or if any Japanese rulers before or after Toyotomi Hideyoshi tried to do so prior to the late 1800s. Regardless, what would be needed...
  12. TimTurner

    WI: Singapore stays part of Malaysia

    What happens in Malaysian politics? How is Singapore affected? Malaya? Sarawak and Sabah? Any butterflies elsewhere?
  13. TimTurner

    Who was likelier to get a total victory in the Korean War? North Korea, or South Korea?

    all other things being equal. and by 'likelier to likelier to get a total victory' I mean 'likelier to reunify the peninsula in the Korean War'. I'm interested in y'alls take on this.
  14. TimTurner

    WI: Geopolitical effects of a surviving Soviet Union

    Let's assume that Gorbachev successfully reformed the Soviet Union (through a successful Union Treaty) and retired triumphantly in 1995, after 10 years in power. It is a multi-party democracy still dominated by the Communist Party, which has lost only one Soviet-wide election since 1991. (a la...
  15. TimTurner

    DBWI: What if the Charlottetown Accords failed?

    as you know, after Meech Lake failed, the Charlottetown Accords passed, with a 6% margin and Quebec voting narrowly in favor. Mulroney, boosted by this success, retired in January 1993. He was succeeded by Jean Charest in March, who led the party to another slim majority in the July 1993...
  16. TimTurner

    PC/AHC/WI: Blacks a major swing group in American politics

    Historically, blacks have been suspectable to bloc voting. What if they, once the alt-Civil Rights Acts were passed, they were a swingy demographic that it was difficult to win by a landslide? What PODs are necessary for that to occur?
  17. TimTurner

    AHC/PC: One nation covering all of North America

    with a POD as far back as is necessary, have all of North America be part of one independent nation as of January 1, 2000.
  18. TimTurner

    United States of North America

    for some world where North America is united into one nation, with a US-style system of government. North America is divided into the following states, following the reform of state boundaries enacted in 2011. Mackenzie (OTL Yukon, Northwest Territory, Nunavut, Greenland) Alaska (OTL Alaska)...
  19. TimTurner

    Which TL would you most want to see?

    1. Socialism with Soviet Characteristics: the Soviet Union, in an alternate universe in which it has Finland ever since 1919, survived the 1990s and has gone down the China route. It has lost no territory whatsoever. 2. May Fourth, Flowers, and Friendship: Japan uses the May Fourth movement to...
  20. TimTurner

    World Parliament constituencies

    Because I'm a alternate parliament constituency-making-holic.