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  1. Challenge: Olympics continue uninterrupted from ancient Greece to today

    How can you make it so the Olympics never go out of fashion after antiquity and persist nonstop until today? Note that the events may change over the years to suit tastes at the time. And that in the first few modern Olympics there were non-sports events.
  2. Golf never takes off in the US

    I'd expect individual sports would by their very nature be more prominent in catalogs than team sports given that one does not need any other people to play once you have the equipment.
  3. Golf never takes off in the US

    Looks like the popularity of golf in the US was based on an extremely unlikely champion at The Country Club in Boston. What happens if one of the pros wins and golf never gets a boost? One quite surprising development: much less wasted water in the environment for watering greens and stuff...
  4. Sports What Ifs.

    Dale Earnhardt Sr. is not killed during that race. Would he still be racing against his son today?
  5. Sports What Ifs.

    Curt Flood loses his suit to bring free agency to the majors.
  6. Sports What Ifs.

    Ted Williams is killed during the Second World War.
  7. Sports What Ifs.

    The designated hitter rule is not adopted by the American League and pitchers are still forced to bat.
  8. Sports What Ifs.

    Drew Bledsoe is not injured in 2001 (I think it was then) and his little-known backup, Tom Brady, never gets a chance to take over. At the very least, Brady languishes as a backup for several years before eventually being traded to another team.
  9. Paraguay becomes a 19th century superpower

    Hi! I was talking to someone on an entirely different forum and he posted this. "In the 19th century Paraguay had military dictatorship that ruthlessly crushed the imperialists and the oligarchs. Because of that, the country became the most advanced and economically independent in South...
  10. Abrahamic tradition imposed periods of silence

    I just listened to a podcast which touted the values of temporary vows of silence. What if periods of silence were coded into the Abrahamic faiths (though these can be violated in case of emergency)? Imagine a vow of silence for a day being an alternative to the Sabbath or Yom Kippur due to...
  11. Challenge: Chariot racer becomes Roman Emperor

    Your challenge is to have a chariot racer talented enough to win in the Circus Maximus (on his own merit and not due to rank) become Emperor of Rome. Certainly elite athletes like this had the discipline and in some cases intelligence to rule. They also had an extensive fan base. But could...
  12. Japan/US Cold War after World War II

    I just played a game of Axis and Allies for the first time. I don't know how realistic the scenarios produced by the game are, but it resulted in a very interesting world (not that any of us are accomplished generals). The European theater started out more or less the same but the Pacific...
  13. AHC: NFL Player elected President

    Because Brady retiring is ASB :)
  14. Business/economic implications of the Titanic not sinking

    I wonder how much of the First Nations culture would have survived on Vancouver Island if Port Rupert and Vancouver combine into a megalopolis. If I remember correctly there are a lot of indigenous tribes on the island.
  15. Business/economic implications of the Titanic not sinking

    Hi! A lot of important businessmen and wealthy people went down on the Titanic. What would have happened had the crossing been uneventful and these businessmen had been able to continue their work? Would their companies have gotten bigger and dominated American society?
  16. Ship carrying FDR is sunk by friendly fire en route to Tehran Conference in 1943

    Hi! Someone just posted this doozy on one of the other threads and it immediately made me think of a WI. Well, what would have happened had the torpedo hit, resulting in FDR's death? It's not like he can run around trying to escape in a wheelchair. Either he's caught in the explosion or the...
  17. Coffee spill short-circuits Mission Control during Apollo 16

    Here's something interesting I hadn't seen before. We may have had barely averted another Apollo crisis shortly after Apollo 13. You guessed it. Someone spilled coffee all over the consoles and nearly shorted out the computers in Houston. It...
  18. Atomic bomb ready to deploy before the Germans surrender

    Suppose the Manhattan Project produces a bomb faster than IOTL and the Trinity test occurs before Germany surrenders. Would any bombs be used against the Germans, and if so against which targets? Note that at this point most of the German cities will have already been wrecked.
  19. Fat Man chosen to be dropped on Hiroshima...and fails to detonate

    Another thing to consider is this. If the first bomb does not detonate and there is a long investigation into why it fails to detonate, the Soviets can get much further into Japan by the time the Japanese do surrender (if the Emperor does so).
  20. Fat Man chosen to be dropped on Hiroshima...and fails to detonate

    Here's a crazy idea I just thought of. Suppose that Fat Man is chosen over Little Boy for the initial atomic bomb mission. The bomb is loaded onto Enola Gay and dropped on Hiroshima in a mission similar to OTL. However, in this mission the detonator malfunctions. No signal is sent to the...