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  1. Capuleten

    Map Thread XIX

    Hey guys! I haven't posted a map on here in a long time, but that doesn't mean I've stopped making them! (This is CtrlAltHistory btw, lol, name change.) This is the map of my DnD campaign world, Palac, in the year 1250 AC (After the Calamity), all nice and digitally drawn out now that...
  2. Capuleten

    Which one of these presidents is your favorite?

    Lincoln was also a racist who overused his wartime powers when it comes to personal freedoms. Doesn’t make him the worst president ever. Wilson was pretty bad, but in a world where Buchanan and even Jackson exist he’s not the worst.
  3. Capuleten

    Largest Byzantine Empire during crusades

    Probably just a sockpuppet.
  4. Capuleten

    What if a legislature had empty seats based on voter turnout?

    Maybe a clause for a snap election when war is declared with an empty seat majority?
  5. Capuleten

    AHC: Surviving Arianism

    Right, it is important to note that Arian ideas were on their base level appealing to the Imperial court because of their unique approach to Christ’s divinity, and also because of inertia surrounding the court. But Constantine was focused primarily on stability of the Roman realm, which kept him...
  6. Capuleten

    AHC: Surviving Arianism

    What if Arius gained enough momentum early to get Constantine on his side? That would go a long way to establishing Arianism as a force that would last to the modern day in some form or another.
  7. Capuleten

    (Mostly) Unified Medevial/Renissance Italy VS Ottomans

    Whoever is defending probably wins.
  8. Capuleten

    How late could Nazi Germany have turned the tide of war?

    When Churchill was elected, the Nazis lost. A weaker British PM might have sought an earlier, brokered western peace, and the Nazis could have put full focus on the East.
  9. Capuleten

    Haha, same here dude, same here

    Haha, same here dude, same here
  10. Capuleten

    It’s on the backburner right now because of school and all, but I’m definitely considering it. I...

    It’s on the backburner right now because of school and all, but I’m definitely considering it. I have a lot of ideas for it. I would need to start from scratch, though, as it has some historical issues that bother me now, and I want to wait until the WMIT redux dies down again, cause the...
  11. Capuleten

    A More Perfect Union: An Alternate History of the Land of the Free

    Just popping in to say that I love that this timeline and What Madness is This? share the front page so often. The duality of man.
  12. Capuleten

    Map Thread XIX

    You underestimate the rise of literal Christian apocalyptic cults. Would be neat to see this timeline from the perspective of a USA that almost falls apart from the sheer chaos of religion fervor and division this event would cause.
  13. Capuleten

    A Map Shitpost Thread

    A E S T H E T I C
  14. Capuleten

    Map Thread XIX

    Would be a really interesting dynamic if it turns into a North American Tax haven right next to two of the continent’s biggest business economies. And neither Canada nor America can do anything about it, cause what are they gonna do? Invade a sovereign nation?
  15. Capuleten

    if Northern England was a separate constituent country

    Let's be honest with ourselves. It would be called Sexland.
  16. Capuleten

    Map Thread XIX

    No Broadway. I am offended!
  17. Capuleten

    Flag Thread IV

    Idk, it’s just a plausible variant. Maybe if independence is similar you could try working with only the original thirteen stars? Or maybe you could extend the canton all the way down but just “spangle” the stars haphazardly and keep the canton-half blue? Just throwing out ideas. The second just...
  18. Capuleten

    Map Thread XIX

    Honestly, instead of a Chinese collapse scenario bringing back the dynastic system, I think a far-future scenario where the PRC institutes a hereditary system directly would be much more interesting, and less explored. Also, why no Laos?
  19. Capuleten

    Flag Thread IV

    I liked the original for its “almost OTL” aspect that ended up looking really cool and plausible. This flag just feels too modern for the eighteenth century, at least to me. Though it does look pretty cool.
  20. Capuleten

    Map Thread XIX

    “London Bridge, formerly Tower Bridge” That’s so funny, lmao, props dude