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  1. Kalpana- my project

  2. A Map Shitpost Thread

    And Inkscape is in between.:)
  3. Map Thread XVI

    Ah, thanks a lot! Unfortunately, I don't know any modern printed atlases to compare with. Are they still in use at all (except for school ones, which are probably a bit apart)?
  4. Map Thread XVI

    FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA A map of no-civil-war Sri Lanka. The file is too big to post it on forum, so here is just a preview. You can see the original image on DeviantArt as well as its full description. ————————————————————
  5. Illustration Tutorials and Advice Superthread

    'One of the objects is not a path, cannot perform boolean operation'. Try ungrouping objects that your landmass consist of and then combine them into one path by pressing Ctrl+K or the Combine button in the Path submenu. This worked for me. UPD. And don't forget to put the paths in the right...
  6. Illustration Tutorials and Advice Superthread

    For example, you could use any image hosting that supports vector graphics. This is what Google suggests me.
  7. Illustration Tutorials and Advice Superthread

    I've just checked this out and looks like all the functions work perfect with the paths being placed in different layers, so I doubt it interferes.
  8. Map Thread XV

    Oh, I'm so glad that my work has inspired somebody! :) Great map, by the way. I especially love the fact that you used hanzi for it!
  9. Map Thread XV

    Thank you! Yeah, the minimum viable population for humans is something about 150–200 people, AFAIR, so it will largely affect the life in this world, as it did before . Oh... Hard question. It comes from the initial thoughts on the map, when I was intended to show the Rhine river as if it played...
  10. Map Thread XV

    I doubt it is so outstanding, but still thank you!:) Thank you! I know from my own experience that jealousy can add lots of productivity, if you direct it right. I'd say, it is mostly a mixture because of significant migration impacts. People from different cities and countries were seeking a...
  11. Map Thread XV

    What am I doing at my birthday? Right! Uploading a new map. RHINE–MEUSE–MOSEL CIVILIZATION It is a post-apocalyptic world where humans are almost extinct. The full description is on DeviantArt. Any language and general corrections are accepted.
  12. A Map Shitpost Thread

    It's not.
  13. A Map Shitpost Thread

  14. 1915 propaganda map

    Oh no...
  15. 1915 propaganda map

    I guess that is because Montenegro was already a Russian satellite state at that time. Or it might be just a wish of the journal editor (though I'm not sure if the map was published as a journal appendix).
  16. 1915 propaganda map

    Actually, I'm Russian, so yes I can read it from time to time. Hope my poor language skills will not stop you from understanding: THE MAP OF THE FUTURE EUROPE (as Wilhelm 'Ruler of the Europe' did not imagine it) RUSSIA—which is great and autocratic, fights for the restoration of law, justice...
  17. 1915 propaganda map

    Yep. This is how the text on the left side ends: 'And then all the European nations will live in peace and prosperity without a fearsome phantom of Wilhelm the Mad armored fist.'
  18. Map Thread XV

    Yeah, finally!:) I thought nobody will ever see it, which would have been quite sad. The Qattara Project is the second PoD for the TL. As you have mentioned, the depression was flooded manually, not naturally, and is used as one of the largest electricity generators across the globe. As for...
  19. Map Thread XV

    I wish I were, but... I agree. Unfortunately, infographics made for this purpose can be rarely seen. Initially I was going to make a map of the US Eastern Coast, but Egypt seemed... umm... more tragic to me, let's say. Thank you! I use Inkscape, which is simple but nonetheless powerful tool.
  20. Map Thread XV

    That's my fault. I referred only to general data, not checking the particular cities. I'll make a correction. Thank you! I've always been fascinated by infographics made by other people, and now I finally managed to make my own one.:) UPD. Map corrected.