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  1. Vietnam AH

    Can anyone recommend novels and/or stories focusing on the Vietnam conflict?
  2. Novel about confrontation with third world?

    I'm trying to recall a novel I heard about some years ago that focused on a number of third world nations refusing to pay off their loans and the resulting chaos it leads to. I believe it was written in the '70s and may have been done in the style of Hackett's Third World War.
  3. Post WW3 Military novels?

    Looking for books in the vein of the old Twilight:2000 role playing games - basically scattered remnants of soldiers fighting to survive the holocaust.
  4. Possible AH Kid's Book?

    Was over on Goodreads and found this query - I checked this book out from my elementary school library some time between 1996-1999. The book was rather large, had a hard cover, and was most likely illustrated. The cover featured two characters who may or may not have been anthropomorphic...
  5. Anti-Fascist Germans

    I'm looking for novels that center around factions of the German military that rise up against the Nazis. I'm not referring to individuals that clandestinely aid the Allies, spies or underground movements, but rather groups of soldiers and officers that openly rebel.
  6. The First WW2 AH?

    I've always thought that Swastika Night (1937) was the first of its kind, but is there a novel or short story that predates it?
  7. War of the Worlds Radio Re-Make

    Back in 1968, Buffalo, New York's WKBW aired a modernized version of the Orson Welles classic, setting it within a Top 40s format. While originally scripted, the program director ultimately felt it would be better if the on-air talent improvised from a basic idea that a "meteor" strike on Grand...
  8. What if...the Challenger disaster had never occurred?

    Prior to the destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger, the Reagan administration had proposed launching shuttles from Vandenberg AFB on the west coast of the U.S. as well as from Cape Canaveral and planned to turn over the fleet to the air force when the second generation of shuttles became...
  9. Novel about bio-warfare at Pearl Harbor?

    A few months ago I was on the "What's the Name of That Book" page at Goodreads and came across an interesting inquiry. The poster was looking for the name of a novel his grandfather read in the '50s about a malady that spreads through a Pearl Harbor hospital a few days after the attack and...
  10. AH Arab-Israeli War Novels

    I've never come across any fiction that focuses specifically on Israel going up against her neighbors again or how one of the past wars may have turned out differently. Can anyone recommend some titles?
  11. Good WW2 Techno Fiction?

    Hi everyone! For my first post I was wondering if anyone could recommend good World War II works focused on advanced technology, particularly Germany's V-weapons program.