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  1. WI the Buisness Plot approached MacArthur?

    Now this is also assuming that the plot was real and did have the 500,000 veteran army armed and ready. What would Douglas MacArthur's reaction have been, he was a bit of a glory hound and did have one hell of an ego. Would he have gone along with the plot?
  2. WWII over Czechoslovakia?

    I remember reading about a series of books written in the 30s which has the premise of WWII happening when Germany invades Czechoslovakia? Does anyone remember the titles?
  3. What if Joint US-USSR Space Program?

    What if the USSR and USA put aside their differences to work on getting to the moon together? I know it would be a long shot, but how would it play out?
  4. Smith, Sailor, Artist, Assassin

    I always have had this TL idea rattling around in my head. A little difference in 1889 leads to a completely different world from what we know. Needless to say, I have finally found the courage to put it down on paper. Enjoy.
  5. The Day After: An American Spinoff of Protect and Survive

    THE DAY AFTER: An American Spinoff of Protect and Survive: A Timeline.
  6. AHC: WWI in 1891

    Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to have a world war break out in 1891, if you can try to make alliances different that OTL WWI. Have fun! Some notable events: Portuguese Revolution Otsu Incident (Whoops wrong thread sorry! Can a mod move this?)
  7. The Glorious Dance: An Alternate History of American Politics

    The Glorious Dance: An Alternate History of American Politics. What if the Fledgling United States of America had adopted a Parliamentary Style Democracy? “Politics is such a torment that I advise everyone I love not to mix with it.” -Thomas Jefferson
  8. When the Wind Blew: a P&S Open Thread

    In light of recent events, here, the P&S team have decided to start the (drum roll please) Protect and Survive Open Thread, a place for you to post your own short stories and ideas set in the P&S universe as well as discuss the changes happening in the whole metaverse. Here we can talk about...
  9. Cuban Missile Crisis?

    I've got to do a report on the Cuban Missile Crisis, and I was told I could do a what if so.. What if the Cuban Missile Crisis turned into a full blown war? How would today look? How would the war play out, where would the nuclear weapons be used? How many nuclear warheads did the US or...
  10. The Kongo

    This is a reboot of a TL I started a while ago and never went very far with. However my work with Duck and Cover has given me the strength to try again. So here is The Kongo: Chapter 1: Kings Berlin 1905: The meeting was held in his private meeting room, but to call it a secret...
  11. Duck and Cover! An American Spinoff of Protect and Survive.

    Duck and Cover! is the American View of the events happening in Protect and Survive, the post-nuclear war Time Line started by Mcgraggle. I recommend you check it out here, reading the first couple of posts and some of the Prospero stories will help you get some context of some of the events...
  12. The Kaiser’s Gamble

    The Kaiser’s Gamble is a working title, I really don’t know what to call this TL. The Gist of this TL is that during the Belgan Congo Crisis of the 1900's, Germany intervienes, causing a later WWI, and different views on colonies to arise.
  13. Vote on TL Ideas

    I've had some TL Ideas bouncing arround for a while, so which one do you all perfer? The 15th Point: German involment in the Congo Crisis of 1905 prompts Wilson to add decolonization as his 15th point in the treaty of Versallies. The Commonwealth: Oliver Cromwell's coup lasts after he dies...
  14. Doomsday: 1923

    I've gotten tired of most but not all of the AH's from the post 1900 forum being about one of 3 things, WWI, WWII, or the Cold War. I wanted to take an artistic stretch with this TL, hope it turns out well. Enjoy! -Gen_Patton To anyone who knows anything about the AH wiki there is an excellent...
  15. Asteroid impact ASB or can be consisdered actual AH?

    I'm starting a TL in which an asteroid is vital to the PoD. Would this be considered "real" AH or would i be considered ASB?
  16. An Indonesian semi-super power.

    If many of you do no know, in 1963, Indonesia invaded the part of the island of Borneo that was owned by the country of Maylasia. The British stepped in and destroyed the Indoesians with Special Forces. I was wondering what if Indonesia controlled the Island of Borneo, effectivly halving...