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  1. AK47Productions

    AHC: Surviving Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    First thread in the Pre-1900 subforum so sorry if this has been done before. With any POD after the Commonwealth's formation, have the country survive into the 21st century while it preferably has it's circa 1619 borders and a regional power in Europe.
  2. AK47Productions

    AHC: Divided Iran

    With any POD after 1960, have Iran divided into to different countries: one ruled by the Shah and one Islamic Republic. Whether or not it is the result of a war like Korea or peaceful like Czechoslovakia is up to you.
  3. AK47Productions

    AHC: Caribbean War

    With any POD after the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis, have Cuba get involved in a conflict with any sovereign nation in the Caribbean that last at least six months. Bonus points if the US or any other major power does not intervene.
  4. AK47Productions

    AHC: Have Italy Go Communist

    The challenge, if you accept, is to have Italy undergo a successful Communist revolution with a POD either after January 1, 1900 or between 1918-1939 (your choice). Bonus point if this gets Italy to join the Allies in WW2 and/or if Benito Mussolini leads the revolution.
  5. AK47Productions

    AHC: Have the Philippinesremain a US Commonwealth

    With a POD of your choice, have the Philippines remain a willing US Commonwealth beyond its recognition of independence in 1946 and last up to 2014. Having it become a state (or split in to multiple states) down the line is up to you. Edit: Could an admin fix the thread title please?
  6. AK47Productions

    TL191 WI: British invasion of West Coast during the Second Great War

    About a month after Operation Blackbeard, British and Australian forces launch an invasion on the coast of California to support Confederate operations in the east of the US. With a second front to deal with, the US must withdraw forces from the Confederate front to combat the British/Australian...
  7. AK47Productions

    TL-191 WI: Pro US Puppet Canada

    Let's say that saner heads prevail in the argument that rather than come under occupation and eventual annexation, the US government just instals a puppet government in Canada that is completely loyal to the US and eventually leaves them be by the 1930s. Would this impact GWII and would this...
  8. AK47Productions

    TL-191: The Soviet Union

    After the Central Powers win the First Great War, the US start selling guns and other supplies to the Socialist rebels. With US support combined with the war wariness the Tsarist were experiencing caused them to lose the civil war. Though guerrilla pockets still exist, mainly in western Russia...
  9. AK47Productions

    AHC: Imperial Germany and the USSR

    The challenge, should you choose to accept, is to have Imperial Germany and the Soviet Union coexist in the same timeline if at all believably possible. The date of the POD is your choice, but both must coexist for at least ten years.
  10. AK47Productions

    German Attack Equivalent to Pearl Harbor

    With the fall of France on June 14 1940 and Britain is now backed against a wall as the sole opponent to the Nazis. Hitler in what is described as either a moment of cockiness (or insanity) wants a plan to bring the fight to the USA. Just one problem. The US, while racked with Isolationism, has...
  11. AK47Productions

    World War II: South American Theater

    A simple question, but could the war have extended to South America whether or not a POD (pre-war or during the war itself) would be needed? Without a POD, it might be possible that Bolivia and Peru may use Axis supply weapons to take back territory lost to Chile during the War of the Pacific...