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  1. Hero-King Marth

    Members of the Progressive Party from 1912 to beyond?

    What if Theodore Roosevelt won the 1912 President Election and established his Progressive Party as a major faction in US Politics, alongside the Democrats and the shrunken Republicans. Would any notable politicians from 1912 all the way up to modern day change from their original party to the...
  2. Hero-King Marth

    What is this forum's view on Huey Long?

    I've been reading up on him and was wondering what you guys thought of him and his pros and cons.
  3. Hero-King Marth

    If a reverse American Civil War occurred, who would be its first President?

    This was a question on my mind. If the Non-slave states of the North (We'll just call them the Free States of America) seceded from the rest of the US, who would the people choose to be the first President of the Free States of America?
  4. Hero-King Marth

    Longer lasting Ming Dynasty?

    Is it possible to have the Empire of the Great Ming last longer and, if so, how? How long could it rule China, until the Industrial Revolution? Or perhaps even up to the modern day? How would the world be affected by it? I'm curious and want to know what you guys think.