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  1. Lusitania

    Bretton Woods collapse

    The Bretton Woods system was setup at end of WW2 to regulate the exchange rate of the free world economies. The exchange rate between the various countries was fixed to the USD and the USD was fixed to gold price. In the 1960s the Bretton Woods system came under pressure finally collapsing in...
  2. Lusitania

    Soviet civil war.

    So I was wondering could the 1990 disolution of Soviet have resulted in civil war that leave the Soviet Union split into nationalist Russia and Soviet communist countries? If so what republics would remain in Soviet camp and which be free? What be the implications to Warsaw countries?
  3. Lusitania

    A Lusophone World

    A Lusophone[1] World The Portuguese influence in the world stage was much diminished in the 20th century. iOTL Portugal was one of Europe's least developed countries even so it continued to control a vast amount of territory spread over three continents as well as linked culturally and...
  4. Lusitania

    Rebirth of an Empire "O Renascimento de um Império" v2.0 - Narrative Stories

    Hello, as mentioned in the revised and updated "Rebirth of an Empire" (see link below) we will be writing the TL using expository style. We also requested fans of the TL to add and contribute narrative stories to the TL. To help with the enriching of the TL we decided to start the process with...
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    Rebirth of an Empire "O Renascimento de um Império" v2.0
    Threadmarks: New Beginning (1750-1777)

    Hello, it is with great pleasure that we finally start posting the revised and updated "Rebirth of an Empire". To those not familiar with the original TL is it centered on Portugal and its empire. The TL starts in 1750 at the start of Joseph I reign and the appointment of the relative unknown...
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    “De Condado a Império” the Unabridged History of the Portuguese

    “De Condado a Império” the Unabridged History of the Portuguese 2nd Condado de Portucalense I (1095 – 1139) In 1095 Henriques of Borgonha is given the Condado de Portucalense by the King Alfonso VI of Kingdom of Castela and Leão. As vassal of Castela and Leão he is tasked with...
  7. Lusitania

    WI President Madison had died in 1815 or 1816 without a vice President

    If as the title states President Madison had died who was most liekly to be nominated by congress at the new President? Would this of set a precedent for the future thereby impacting Harrison's ( or eqivelant) death in office and who becomes next president the person congress elects or the Vice...
  8. Lusitania

    WI: British Carribean colonies joined Canada instead of becoming independent

    For all us Canadian it would be a dream come true being able to retire or vacation in Canada instead of having to go to the US or Mexico. For those that are not familiar with Canada we have 6 months of Winter. How could this come about, what would be the implication to Canada-US relations if...
  9. Lusitania

    O Renascimento de um Império - A verdadeira historia de Portugal

    Discussion Link Book I 1750-1777 O Renascimento de um Império – O Princípio New Beginning In 1750 at the end of Dom João V reign Portugal found itself in a precarious position; the Portuguese Empire was a mere shadow of its former self, which at one time had spanned the globe from the...
  10. Lusitania

    WI: Great Britain was not distracted by the Napoleonic Wars durig the War of 1812

    What would have happened if immediately following the American Declaration of War against the Great Britain in 1812 the war in Europe finished with a French Defeat? This could be due to the war being declared one year later or the war going much worse for the French and therefore they sue for...
  11. Lusitania

    Spanish King Ferdinand VII escapes to New Espanha

    When Napoleon invaded Espanha, the Spanish monarchy and court attempted to emulate the Portuguese and escape to the new world. But he was captured and spent the rest of the War inprisoned in France. What would of happened if he did escape? Would the presence of the Spanish government in New...
  12. Lusitania

    Rebirth of an Empire "O Renascimento de um Império"

    The Portuguese Empire in the later part of the 18th century led by the Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo or as better known the “Marquis de Pombal” began crucial start to modernize and grow during the reign of Dom José I. For all his successes the Marquis de Pombal was extremely unpopular and...