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  1. AHC: Catholic England, Protestant France

    Will an England without a Henrician Reformation stay Catholic, though? Given the strong trade contacts with Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands?
  2. Political and social developments in the United States with no or significantly reduced slavery?

    Indeed, in the industrializing north, there was a degree of fungibility between black labor migrating from the south, and increasingly non-WASP European immigration. The "welfare queen" of this timeline could easily be a Slavic immigrant in the 1950s.
  3. Alternate names for real world cities?

    On the other hand the London merchant class had a strong, century-long grudge against Amsterdam at the time. A successful Plymouth Colony at the mouth of the Hudson would make for fascinating timeline though... In Michigan, if the Grand River retained a derivation of its indigenous name...
  4. WI: University of Chicago and Northwestern merged in the 30's, and other mergers

    - Only one university selecting students for Rhodes/Fullbright/Truman/etc. Scholarships instead of two universities. - Two faculties for subjects does lead to some duplication of efforts but that could easily equate to more prestigious faculty members than would exist at one university. It also...
  5. WI: University of Chicago and Northwestern merged in the 30's, and other mergers

    I think the Northwestern/Chicago merger is a situation, academically, where the whole is less than the sum of its parts. Chicago can certainly support two world-class universities. Note this merger proposal was during Robert Maynard Hutchin's tenure as President and he had some rather...
  6. Can US entry into WWI be delayed with a 1917 POD?

    Have it come out that the British were intercepting American diplomatic cables.
  7. AHC: Swap the fates of Football and Cricket

    A billion people behind but billions of dollars ahead 🙃. Could a Twenty20-like format be invented a century earlier?
  8. DBWI: Quebec doesn’t secede in the 90’s

    OOC: No way PEI is admitted. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are at least as populous as Wyoming. Would NAFTA still be in force in Canada if the referendum hadn't favored the BQ and caused Canada to withdraw? Would the Expos still play in Montreal or would they have moved to Orlando like IOTL?
  9. AHC: Swap the fates of Football and Cricket

    ??? This. Invite America and Canada would likely follow. Perhaps a more acrimonious split between professionalism and amateurism in association football as occurred a few years later with rugby? If the *FA puts pressure against professional club to the level the RFU did to rugby league -...
  10. US Intervention in South Asia

    Afghanistan and Pakistan count as South Asia, so assuming you mean India... muck about with the INC or otherwise have communism become more popular to the point it triggers domino theory anxieties.
  11. First world Latin America

    With a post-1900 POD it's a tall order. At the turn of the century and with roughly the same population, Latin America's economy was a quarter the size of the United States. Caudilloism was firmly entrenched in the 19th century.
  12. Have Lacrosse as a Major League sport akin to the Big Four/Big Five (Baseball, Basketball, Gridiron Football, Hockey and Soccer)

    If American football is banned at the turn of the century, while most of the energy would diffuse to rugby and soccer, a bit of the ole ultraviolence craving could make lacrosse become a bigger sport.
  13. 1920: Progressivism Triumphant, the Fifth Party System and Beyond A Wikibox TL

    Hopefully Alice Roosevelt's affair with William Borah doesn't surface in the next couple elections...
  14. WI: Detroit Subway Proposal Passes with One Extra Vote in 1919

    I am relatively aware that the demographic and urban planning decks are stacked against Detroit in the 20th century - the ring of factories and industry isolating the city proper from the suburbs doesn't help. And while you could say the city became anti-white, I think that's confusing cause...
  15. WI: Detroit Subway Proposal Passes with One Extra Vote in 1919

    More of the tax base staying in the city proper would have pretty dramatic effects on how deep the decline of municipal services goes. Highland Park if Chrysler remained would be unrecognizable. I doubt the Pistons or Lions decamp to Oakland County, for that matter. -- Detroit is by far the...
  16. WI: Detroit Subway Proposal Passes with One Extra Vote in 1919

    I'm not sure about the map and would agree that it's likely somewhat conjectural. I think the 1919 vote was on the second report prepared by the DSR Commission, from the second source which itself cites a railfan publication (and so should be taken with a grain of salt): "Meanwhile, back in...
  17. WI: Detroit Subway Proposal Passes with One Extra Vote in 1919

    "The plan made it to the Detroit Common Council in 1919, which passed a resolution to begin negotiations with the DUR to put the plan in motion. But Mayor James Couzens, elected into office just the year before, had campaigned on eliminating the DUR, and he vetoed it. The Council’s attempts to...
  18. AHC: The 27 Club Test - If They Died at 27

    Taylor Swift (2017) - Reputation is released posthumously but written off for turning towards trap pop. Critics that have looked down on her probably re-evaluate (how Pitchfork rated her entire ouvre ahead of Lover, for example) and recognize how good her writing actually is. Brendon Urie...
  19. What if the US never joined World War 1?

    Not sure if this is rhetorical. But I think the recurrence of this thread topic points to an inevitable truth of counterfactual history. It is art rather than science, and actual historians are not always interested in such questions. Differing standards of evidence and belief about possibility...
  20. What if the US never joined World War 1?

    Likewise Russia's Kerensky Offensive is probably avoided. The Milyukov note (April 20th) is after the US declaration of war, for that matter, so Kerensky might not even become the Minister of Defense. It was a US government decision and they had harshly cautioned against un-secured loans. In...