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  1. Mr.Wigglemunch

    WWII: Total war in South America?

    Hey folks, how plausible is it for two or more independent countries during the second world war on the South American continent to be pitched against each other to the extent of necessitating a total war economy of those countries involved? I'm curious as to how it would align with the global...
  2. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Can Zoroastrianism spread to China?

    Inspired by a recent thread on Hinduism and Zoroastrianism trading dates I came to thinking can Zoroastrianism survive in greater numbers by spreading to China? My thinking was that naturally, if it were to spread there it could synthesise with Chinese philosophy, culture etc such as concepts...
  3. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Hamilcar Barca invades Egypt instead of Iberia?

    As it says on the tin folks, had Hamilcar turned East instead of West in 236BC what are the potential outcomes of a Barca/Carthaginian Egypt? Or is it more likely the Carthaginians secure an early demise and an earlier 2nd Punic War?
  4. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Antikythera Mechanism - A basis for more pragmatic uses of complex gear mechanisms?

    Hi all, Now I'm fairly aware the Antikythera Mechanism is almost viewed with the same disdain as the Aeolipile to a certain extent. However, the mechanism does to an extent point towards a vast prior knowledge with complex gear systems that amounted to the Antikythera Mechanism. Unlike the...
  5. Mr.Wigglemunch

    WI Roman Settlement of Canary Islands/Cape Verde and West African Trade

    Hi all. I've lately been considering the effects of a Roman Republic/Empire that had done more to exploit West African resources via sea trade ( whilst the Roman Republic/Empire OTL was more transfixed by Eastern wealth via conquest as well as trade ) and the potential economic boon this may...
  6. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Can Fragments of the Western Roman Empire Surivive?

    Hi all been absent from the site for a while due to intense college work... and during my time in exams my mind often wondered to the title question. An old favourite of mine that I posed a long while back was can a Roman Kingdom flourish ( or just simply survive ) in Britannia, ofcourse it...
  7. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Italian Dodecanese Post-World War 2???

    As the title implies, is this possible for the Italians to cling onto these islands or would it require earlier POD's??? By the way, for those who do not know German garrisons managed to hold onto the islands til the end of the war unlike mainland Greece, much like the Channel islands.
  8. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Challenge: European reaction to Carthaginian Carribean Empire

    Ok, I know its kinda sad, but the idea of the Carthaginians reaching the Americas absolutely fascinates me. Now i'll try to give abit of a background for you to work on, ok so around 300 BC Carthage discovers land across the great ocean either by accidant or by expidition ( maybe cause they are...
  9. Mr.Wigglemunch

    The Republic of China is still recognised officially ( Taiwan )

    First of all, please read this page it fills out alot of info even though it is that blasted pain called wikipedia ( look especially at the military section if anything ) Now, what if the world hadn't changed their stance on the One China Policy...
  10. Mr.Wigglemunch

    International Pursuits of the Soviet Union under Trotsky???

    So obviously as the title implies we have a USSR under Trotsky instead of Stalin. Lets take a guess and say Trotsky dies between 1955 and 1965 or so naturally. In this time from 1927 onwards how can we expect the USSR to develop? We have all discussed before that because Trotsky wasn't paranoid...
  11. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Federation of the Commonwealth Realms

    This has probably been brought up several times, but what if the British Empire had become a federation? I think it maybe possible that the white majority nations could survive in federation til this day, or could the fact that indians and blacks could more easily get into government make it...
  12. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Britannia Devia

    Marcus harvested his crops that day with much enthusiasm. The gods had truly blessed him with a bountiful endorsement of crops to take him and his family through the winter months, something he was most gracious for. He turned to look at his villa. His wife, gorgeous by any mans standards was...
  13. Mr.Wigglemunch

    The RoC?

    Sorry this is likely to of come up before but still being new I can be forgiven, right? :rolleyes: Ok so what would be different today if the Republic of China was still recognised today? Honestly I find it suprising that a small island with a military capability astonishing for such a small...
  14. Mr.Wigglemunch

    The British Shogunate

    Hey, I was wishing to inquire the plausability of Japan being a similar case to the British Raj considering pre 1920's Britain and Japan had very good relations ( the Japanese navy being trained by British officers and such ) so is it possible maybe after 1850 Japan being colonised, or partially...
  15. Mr.Wigglemunch

    Britannia - Could it survive the bane of the western roman empire?

    Hey, being new to the forum but for a long time wanting to write a alternate timeline I thought I should test the waters by proposing a few key ideas in my timeline which i'd love to write for you all. The POD is to take place during or just after the reign of Emperor Trajan, the tribes of...