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  1. TL-191 WI: The Second Mexican War was actually against Mexico?

    Having always enjoyed this series, I have often wondered what if the Second Mexican War, was actually against Mexico, instead of between the United States and the Confederate States?
  2. Battle of Chncellorsville WI:

    It being the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Chancellorsville, I thought I would give this a shot. What if on May 2, Reynolds I CORPS was anchored on the XI CORPS right before Jackson attacked? Would those two CORPS be enough to stop Jackson or delay him?
  3. Timeline 191 what if Wade Hampton III coup had been successful?

    Having gone back over How few remain, I've always wondered what would have happened to the Confederacy if Wade Hampton's coup had succeeded during the Second Mexican War? Considering the reasons behind it would that have changed England and France's status in the war? Would it affect the U.S. in...
  4. What if Lee sacked his generals in 1862?

    I was just reading a book on Lee, and it was interesting to find out that after he took command, during the Seven days campaign, most of his best fighting generals sucked. Jackson was always tardy, and Longstreet, along with Magruder, D.H. Hill, and others either disobeyed,or misinterpreted...
  5. Star trek DC comic books

    Back in the 90's does anyone remember when DC comics did star trek comic books? The reason I ask is because, I remember one time when they actually did an alternate history story. The story is that a group of Klingons travel back in time, and change the history of their planet. Instead of being...
  6. WI: Hitler had escaped Berlin in 1945?

    I don't know if anyone has done this, but right know on the History Channel their is a show called Hunting Hitler. Showing how Hitler could have escaped Berlin before the Soviets completely encircled it. What does anyone think? Was it possible and where would go? Or is it just an alternate...
  7. WI: Custer hadn't been with 7th Calvary at Little Big horn?

    Does anyone know that Custer almost missed the Little Big Horn Campaign. Not long before the campaign Custer went before congress and testified about corruption, without the approval of his superiors, and he said some bad things about president Grant's brother. Which pisssed Grant off. So he...
  8. Babylon 5 WI:

    Did anyone watch Babylon 5 when it was on tv? What if in season three, Earth Alliance President Clark was brought down for his role in the assassination of his predecessor,before he declared martial law? What happens next, between the Earth Alliance and Babylon 5?
  9. tl 191 wi: radical Liberals had won the 1933 presidential election

    I don't if has been discussed independently from any other TL191 thread, but what if the radical Liberal ticket of Hull/Long had won the election of 1933? What would that do to the C.S.A? How would the Freedom party react, and what would they do?
  10. Babylon 5 WI:

    Recently, I've been watching a lot of Babylon 5 episodes, and I always wondered what if the earth alliance had been warned about the Minbari's warrior caste tradition of having their guns ports open as a show of strength, when encountering someone? Could it have avoided the Earth-Minbari war?
  11. Warrior vs monitor

    After reading about what might happen if H.M.S. Warrior fought the French Gloire. What would happen if the Monitor fought against the warrior. Several alternate history books have speculated about it, but what do anyone think.
  12. WI: Japan's August 1941 war games turned out to be true?

    In August of 1941 the IJN conducted war games on the attack of Pearl Harbor. The results from two different games, was that the Japanese would lose a third of their aircraft and two to three carriers. Yamamato ruled the results invalid, because search planes would find the American carriers...
  13. timeline 191 WI: Huey Long isn't assassinated

    In timeline 191, sometime after the Richmond Olympics in 1936, Jake Featherston had ordered the assassination of Huey Long of Louisiana. Reason being Long was a radical Liberal, and had been Cordell Hull's running mate in 1933. What if Long had either survived the attempt, or had learned of the...
  14. tl 191 WI: Wade Hampton V assassination

    What if after Wade Hampton V was assassinated in Alabama, the Confederacy really cracked down on the freedom party? You know, like arresting Featherston, Keonig, and all of their cronies. Could that have kept the C.S.A. from going down the path of destruction and allowed the country to survive?
  15. WI: the confederacy had received one or two of the laird rams

    Has anyone done a thread about the two ironclad that were being secretly built for the Confederacy, in England, known as the laird rams. They had two turrets and were an overhanging ironclad. What if the the Confederacy had been able to get one or both of them. What kind of damage would they...
  16. wi: the bismarck had encountered the uss texas in the denmark straits?

    What if before encountering the Hood and Prince of Wales, the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen had encountered the USS Texas on patrol in the Denmark Strait. I had read that by the spring of 1941 the US Navy was patrolling the Denmark Strait and the Texas had almost encountered the Prinz Eugen just...
  17. Battle of Nashville WI:

    I once read that the only thing that kept General John Bell Hood's Army of Tennessee from being totally destroyed at Nashville was Nathan Bedford Forest's Calvary covering the retreat, and kept it from turning into a rout. But what if the Army of Tennessee was destroyed and Hood and many of his...
  18. WI: general Phil kearny had survived?

    Has any one done a thread about Phil Kearney surviving the anti-spam campaign? Because I just read something yesterday on that gave me an idea for a what if. It seems that if Kearny had survived, Lincoln was going replace little Mac with Kearny. I wonder what might have happened if...
  19. betrayal at gettysburg

    Has anyone ever read Betrayal at Gettysburg? It's a story about an independent Confederacy, but with a twist. It's about the trial of James Longstreet for treason against the Confederacy during the American Civil War. That he was a Union spy, and that in September 1862 he let a certain special...
  20. tl 191 Kentucky WI

    What if the Union had been able to hold onto Kentucky after the War of Secession. Is it possible, how would it change the 2nd Mexican War and both Great Wars? Would it be worth it?