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  1. What Caused Weimar's Downfall? (Re-post)

    Weimar fell because too many right-wingers with power never came to terms with it.
  2. Modern Non-Westphalianism

    There was a movement toward this in the later stages of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Entire ethnic groups, regardless of location, having seats in a National Congress and such.
  3. The Cape Franchise and Reconstruction

    Doubt it. It isn't like the Afrikaners or the British Administration were really drawing on American political traditions. They had their own cultures and histories.
  4. WI: American Constitution Requires Military Service If You Want Citizenship

    citizenship =/ enfranchisement, doubly so in the period under discussion.
  5. did any of the top confederate generals during the civil war not believe in the institution of slavery

    Robert E. Lee's army enslaved every African American they ran across, regardless of 'legal' status.
  6. What if the theory of spontaneous generation is refuted in the 17th century (Francisco Redi)?

    Probably just less of a scientific communication network. His experiment is just as convincing as Pasteur's.
  7. What if Nazi Germany stayed on defensive post fall of France

    Peace on what terms? No way the UK gives in what Hitler will demand. This isn't going to be a delicate diplomatic dance, it'll be Hitler ranting and raving with demands like 'Give us Malta' or whatever. Even if in the 'best case' it ends up being the 20th century version of the Peace of Amiens.
  8. WI: Someone other than Wallace or Truman?

    Just a quick glance at the 1940 convention reveals this guy was in 2nd place with VP ballots. 'William Brockman Bankhead (April 12, 1874 – September 15, 1940) was an American politician who served as the 42nd Speaker of the United States House...
  9. What if the USA joined the axis?

    Japan has to attack British holdings if they want to seize Southeast Asia. Singapore is non negotiable.
  10. What changes could the German leadership have made during and after operation Barbarossa to improve its chance of victory in eastern front

    It is such a giant conflict with such deep trends, most choices are just ripples against a tidal wave. Once the Soviets are engaged and determined to hold out, Germany is going to be hard-pressed to win, doubly so with a hostile UK at their backs.
  11. Wad democracy inevitable?

    We don't have enough post-industrial nations right now to look at, but just glance at Saudi Arabia (or Kuwait or the UAE...).
  12. Wad democracy inevitable?

    I don't think many things are 'inevitable' but mass industrialization does seem to lead to mass politics in some form. That doesn't mean necessarily western style parliamentary politics though.
  13. Atlantic slave trade... But with europeans?

    Many Africans had at least partial exposure to malaria and yellow fever, which did make a difference in raw numbers but it was mostly racism, yes.
  14. Atlantic slave trade... But with europeans?

    There were other reasons they stopped. The natives had a much *much* easier time running away, at least in North America.
  15. Moscow Gold?

    Is it enough money to really alter the course of world history?
  16. Atlantic slave trade... But with europeans?

    In this period, Europeans were paying North Africans to not enslave them.
  17. Atlantic slave trade... But with europeans?

    Africans are on the way, part of an integrated Atlantic trade network, are happily non-Christian, and are skilled in tropical agriculture. And of course, the biggest thing. African kings were willing to sell fellow Africans into slavery. Not the case in other places, not to the same degree (for...
  18. Atlantic slave trade... But with europeans?

    They tried indentured servants in the New World, that didn't work out so well.
  19. Atlantic slave trade... But with europeans?

    What time period and place are you talking about? Pre-1900 is a big era of time.