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  1. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Greek Carthage

    An idea popped into my head today, and I thought I'd submit it here to see what thoughts people have. Carthage was founded about 814 BC, and Greek colonization efforts would begin a few decades later when the Euboeans founded the first first colonies in Southern Italy and into Macedonia. So...
  2. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Gallic Speaking Roman Gaul

    Since there always seems to be a plethora of posts here about what if *insert region* maintained a Romance population after the Fall of Rome, and because I seem to be a natural contrarian at times, I ask the following: What if there was still a larger population of Gaul speaking Gaulish at the...
  3. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Icarian Texas OR: Bury Me Not in this Self-Sufficient Communist Collective on the Lone Prairie

    The Icarian movement is today best remembered as the longest lasting non-religious utopian community in the history of the United States. Initially conceived as a socialist utopia by French political thinker-author Etienne Cabet, based on the society he outlined in his bestseller Travels to...
  4. DanMcCollum

    RESEARCH: Book List

    In the past, I've found myself making random posts asking for books or research materials upon a similar topics, and I've seen others doing the same. I thought it might be interesting to compile a list which other AH forum users could go to for references if they are looking for works related...
  5. DanMcCollum

    AH Inquiry: Post-Messiac Judaism

    Okay, a weird question for you all: Let's say that the Jewish presence amongst the Khazars is moderately stronger and you see Judaism becoming one of the many faiths at play throughout the Steppes. At some point, one of the local tribes convert enmass. They become united unite the leadership...
  6. DanMcCollum

    Thought Experiment: Byzo-Persian State Administration

    This is a thought I've been having lately, based on a few well known AH tropes. I thought I'd throw it out there to start some discussion amongst those more knowledgeable than myself. Do note, however: I'm not that interested in the plausibility of the scenerio per say (people argueing about...
  7. DanMcCollum

    WI: Samo's Empire Survives

    In what has got to be one of my favorite stories from Early Medieval Europe, many of the Western Slavs became united in a single kingdom (or tribal union) by one Samo - a Frankish merchant. During the early 7th century, many of the Western Slavs found themselves either under the dominion of the...
  8. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Long Lasting Norman-Sicilian North Africa

    Pretty much what the tin says: Create a scenario where Norman-Sicily remains in control of Roger II's North African lands for as long as possible. What would be the political and cultural ramifications of thus scenerio? Might this be enough to cause a rebirth of the African Romance language(s)?
  9. DanMcCollum

    Language AHC: Wank Ladin

    Ladin is a Romance labgusge currently spoken by a minority withing the Italian region of South Tyrol. Although some believe it to be considered a dialect of Italian, other scholars believe it may be part of it's own Language Sub-Family (Rhaeto-Romance) along with Romanisch of Switzerland as...
  10. DanMcCollum

    Discussion Thread: Save the Old North

    The Old North roughly refers to the region of Cumberland and Northumbria in Britain. Once the home to several powerful Brythonic kingdoms, much of the region was eventually subsumed by the Kingdom of Northumbria to the South and Scotland to the North. The memory of the region would go on to...
  11. DanMcCollum

    An Irish Pope or AHC: Pope Lukas Widding

    Lukas Widding (1588-1657) has been called the closest an Irishman ever got to doing Pope. A Franciscan friar, Widding was born in Waterford into the family of wealth merchants. He attended university of Portugal, joined the Franciscan order and went on to have a career which would see him...
  12. DanMcCollum

    Thought Experiment: Nordic Empire

    Okay, first of all, sorry for the three threads I've posted in the last few minutes. I've had these ideas for about a week or so now, but haven't had the chance to really write them up and submit them to you. Now, with that out of the way: Imagine a world where the Norse become united under a...
  13. DanMcCollum

    Limited Arabic Expansion: Impact on Philosophy/Science

    As it says in the tin. Lets posit a world where the early Caliphate captures Mesopotamia, the Levant and Egypt, but does not conquer Persia. What impact does this have on the development of Science and Philosophy in the Medieval world?
  14. DanMcCollum

    Student Essays ACH: 30 Years War

    Its that time of the year again! Having just finished reading innumerable essays about the 30 Years War last week, I came to the realization that many students were writing (unintentional?) alternate history. Because of this, I continue my annual tradition of giving YOU, the readers at home...
  15. DanMcCollum

    Thought Experiment: Antebellum Post-Slavery Plantation Economy

    So, I've been trying to play a thought experiment lately and stumbling, because I'm not particularly well versed in economic history. I was hoping that there might be those here who could offer some clarity. The basic scenario is this: A Southern state decides to be rid of slavery prior to...
  16. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Medieval Pan-Baltic State

    So, your mission, should you decide to accept it is this: Have a state that comprises the different Baltic peoples arise in the Middle Ages and survive to the present day. Requirements: The state must be 'lead' by a Baltic people (i.e. No having Poland conquer everything and say "mission...
  17. DanMcCollum

    AHC:. Independent Kingdom of Aquitaine

    As it says in the tin: How can we can an long-term independent Kingdom of Aquitaine in the Middle Ages? Also, how would this state develop, especially in a (semi-reconizable) early modern period.
  18. DanMcCollum

    Unintentional Counterfactual AHC: Spanish-Polish Colonial Struggle

    So, what is an "Unintentional Counterfactual AHC"? Glad you asked, mysterious reader? Have you ever come upon a butchering of history in your life, so preposterous, that you think it would make a great AHC? Maybe it was one of your student's papers, or a typo in a news story. Well, a...
  19. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Low German, Triumphant

    As the tin says: How do we create a Germany were the Low German dialects are dominant and form the basis of *German, rather than the High German dialects which were the dominant contributors to Standard German in OTL. How do you think this language might develop?
  20. DanMcCollum

    AHC: The State of Lincoln OR Freedmen Oklahoma

    So, a long running idea that has been mentioned in many alt-Reconstruction posts is the idea that the Freedmen could be granted land to homestead out West. This idea might appeal to several different groups as it would not only give the freedmen land, independence and a chance for prosperity...