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  1. McGoverning

    Considering that Australia and New Zealand will be having scheduled elections in the final months of 1975, while West Germany has them in 1976 (to say nothing of McGovern's re-election campaign -- or any other elections that could happen as a result of, ahem, "events"), I do wonder if how long...
  2. McGoverning

    I imagine a lot of this is going to be covered in future updates, with a focus on the domestic front, when the TL returns to the States.
  3. McGoverning

    Let's just take a moment to look at the leaders of the Western Democracies at the end of 1974 TTL; notable changes (as in, office being held by the opposing political party) are in bold, while different office holders of the same party are italicized: United States: President George McGovern...
  4. McGoverning

    So what date is this attack on Scott happening TTL? Because FWIG of OTL, the attempted murder was late 1975, and it definitely seems to happening earlier here. Also, can't wait to see what kind of ripples Foreign Secretary Thorpe is making on the world stage (especially in the southern third...
  5. King Theodore's Corsica

    It would also be easy (/easier) for Corsica to maintain its unique culture and institutions within a united, federated "Italy". Whether Corsica is part of the unification or not, I think most of us can agree it would be better if the alternate Italian Unification only covered the north of the...
  6. King Theodore's Corsica

    Sicily and the Kingdom of Naples as a whole was pretty much a feudal society under an absolutist government prior to the Napoleonic Wars; Corsica might be economically stagnant when compared with the rest of Northern Italy, but it's also pretty democratic (after it's own fashion), and can...
  7. King Theodore's Corsica

    That's actually pretty cool, especially if said Prince of Carignano (or one of their descendants) finds themselves in a position to inherit the Corsican throne before the one in Tunis becomes available.
  8. Bicentennial Man: Ford '76 and Beyond

    Trying to figure what this says or implies about how Star Wars, or its legacy, is different TTL.
  9. King Theodore's Corsica

    Since it's already been stated that Caterina never marries, is it possible her younger sister, Elisabeth, does at some point? I ask because I'd really love to see a Savoy-Neuhoff marriage laying the groundwork for an eventual Sardinia-Corsica personal union.
  10. WI James Stewart downed by Nazis

    AIR, It's a Wonderful Life was actually a box office bomb, which is a big part of the reason it eventually found its way into the public domain.
  11. McGoverning

    OJ getting a Super Bowl appearance was one of the major takeaways for me; not sure how that, combined with his playing for the Rams, changes his career, if at all.
  12. McGoverning

    "Moderate" and "Conservative" are a bit tricky here - always remember that the cohesion of what we think of as "Modern Conservatism" was forged in the fires of a specific period of history (e.g. the Cold War); it's been practically all but confirmed that the evolution of The Right has been...
  13. McGoverning

    Something I only just (re-?) realized -- the 1974 Carnation Revolution in Portugal (of OTL) had a lot of knock off effects in the short term beyond its own small country. Depending on whether @Yes has it happen around the same time in his TL, it could still prove incredibly relevant to some of...
  14. McGoverning

    I mean, regardless of what the ripples emirate from the changes in history's course, Donald Trump is still going to be Donald Trump. Now that said, we're still nearly a decade earlier than the 1984 GQ Profile that OTL propelled him into celebrity, so it's more than possible the son of Fred Trump...
  15. McGoverning

    Dude. Paul Ryan is five, and Marco Rubio is three; Steve Case is still in high school. Kaisich, at least, has (only just) graduated college. And Donald Trump should already be working for father's Real Estate Company as President, likely still being racist to black renters.
  16. McGoverning

    Loving these updates. And I am so excited for "Putting on the Brits"! One reason I'm excited is that I still remember this: I've also got some inkling that this is going to be the update we finally get the promised touch on Punk. Small request in the meantime - the photo for "this lively lass"...
  17. McGoverning

    My impression, based on back and forth with @Yes, is that the 1980 GOP Candidate is going to be someone looking to bring Rockefeller Republicans, Nixon Apologists, and Wallace Voters, all under one roof -- in contrast to Reagan's OTL strategy selling an ever more increasingly bolder Right Wing...
  18. McGoverning

    In the context of the time period, the heyday of the New Deal Coaltion, it's actually not a good look for the Democrats -- remember, between 1959 and 1994 OTL, that the lowest point for the House Democratic Caucus was 242, which these results have just pushed below; meanwhile, the Democratic...
  19. McGoverning

    So just to make sure we're counting right -- that's eight races the GOP TTL won that Democrats won OTL, with another three being the reverse; that means instead of the Senate cumulatively gaining four Democrats as OTL, it loses one, giving us a 55-43 split.
  20. Bicentennial Man: Ford '76 and Beyond

    Kind of a vague criticism for a lead candidate; are you just alluding to “DEM DIRTY HIPPEHS” by chance? Because if you are, I would retort that the median Democratic Voter - far from enthusiastic about the Counterculture, and wary of another McGovern, though they may be - is going to be far more...