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  1. Russia sends all 7 armies to fight Austria-Hungary

    They fought on a wider front IOTL. The narrower the front is, the more congestion you're likely to see at the rail heads and supply depots.
  2. Russia sends all 7 armies to fight Austria-Hungary

    Could they supply 7 armies on that front? Or would they get bottlenecked by logistics?
  3. The most ASB moments to happen in history... that still happened (Post-1900)

    That's far more of an indictment of how quick everyone is to sling the term ASB around. It was extremely unfortunate. Impossibly so? If Godzilla stomped through Berlin just as it was about to win WW1, leveled it, and then stomped off into the Baltic never to be seen again, then we'd be talking.
  4. Planter dominated military dictatorship in the United States

    I actually recall from my research that the states' rights crowd were generally anti-standing army, at least initially, so this alliance probably isn't as synergistic as it looks.
  5. Why was Japan Successful in Modernizing and Korea and China not so?

    Korea's at least as homogenous, so that doesn't feel like a complete explanation there.
  6. Could Texas have lasted as a buffer state between the U.S. and Mexico?

    Just noticed this one and wanted to point out that Louisiana had over double Texas' population in 1850, and Texas and Arkansas were roughly even at that time, so the idea of both of them joining Texas is just silly. With the demographics of the time, they'd dominate Texas, not the other way around.
  7. Mexican conquest of Cuba in 1820s

    It consisted of one third-rate ship of the line, two brigs and a corvette. Highly doubtful they could support an amphibious invasion against any kind of resistance.
  8. Why Did Clinton Do Better in the South than Gore?

    Because the South was shifting even farther to the right during the Clinton years, I'd imagine, and the nomination of George W. probably accelerated the trend, as the first Southern born-again Republican nominee. Actually, he was the first Republican President from a state in the old...
  9. Was it surprising Argentina didn't become a decent size power or at least a dominant economy?

    That's higher than Brazil's, around the same level as Iran and Thailand, and not too far below Mexico and Turkey. So middling, at least, and a lot higher than that of their neighbors.
  10. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

    Decades has traditionally been considered one of, if not the definitive timeline on this site, although a couple of the author's other stories, Lands of Red and Gold and Male Rising may rival it nowadays. As for how well I'm doing in measuring up to standards like Jared's, that's not for me to...
  11. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

    Well, never let it be said I lack ambition. The plan is to progress until about the 1950's, and then rapid-fire through the next half-century towards the distant 2006 epilogue. I began this wanting to make something that would live up to the incredible stories that really got me into this genre...
  12. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

    And to respond to some of the reader feedback that I'll admit got about as daunting as writing new chapters itself lately. As you say, the 1805 POD means the success of the Haitian war of independence is baked in. I didn't realize the world maps imply otherwise, but with Kikkoman's help I can...
  13. What would a Fascist Canada be like?

    Well, I came to the idea as an in-universe alternate history story in my Napoleon timeline, where the in-universe POD involves a megacorporation buying up Hudson Bay in the 1860's. Then the following decade, spoiler stuff in the main timeline results in a Catholicism scare throughout the...
  14. What would a Fascist Canada be like?

    Well, a fascist Canada's geopolitical objectives would be driven in part by its geographic circumstances. The kind of Protestant supremacist version I was envisioning has no room for Quebec, which in turn makes it hard to hold onto the Maritimes as well, and without good Atlantic ports, invading...
  15. What would a Fascist Canada be like?

    The connections to somewhere else are exactly what you'd need. Specifically, I'm thinking Ulster. 20 of the 23 mayors of Toronto in the 19th century were members of the Orange Order, which also maintained its own militia and could pressure magistrates and juries. So a fascism centered around...