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  1. Religions that could have replaced Christianity

    Mormonism went from a handful of followers to several million in less than a century, Christianity itself went from a tiny cult in the middle of nowhere to the dominate religion of the Roman Empire in 2 centuries. A successful Sabbateanism would have even more time to grow and spread.
  2. Religions that could have replaced Christianity

    If Sabbatai Zevi hadn't recanted his own claim of being Messiah and let himself be martyred by the Ottoman Sultan, I honestly think that Sabbateanism could have repeated the history of the rise of Christianity and made the leap from a 'Jewish movement' and into an evangelical movement. The...
  3. Crusader Kings III

    I'm not saying we need a crazy number of start dates, but I would like at least one start date set in the 'High Middle Ages' so I can play the Plantagenets again. Maybe a Third Crusade start, or something like that.
  4. Crusader Kings III

    I just want them to add some more start dates, and make religions more customizable.
  5. List of monarchs III

    There's no clear RULE on that, if you need to make an OOC/AN/Comment that requires more than one post I recommend taking it to the DMs.
  6. List of monarchs III

    I support this idea, if there are no objections in the next day or two I'll add it to the rules.
  7. DBWI: What if Lincoln was successfully assassinated?

    If you are doing a TL about him, then yes you would.
  8. DBWI: What if Lincoln was successfully assassinated?

    I think you'd still be able to reach at some of this conclusion even in the DBWI, but some of it does require RL knowledge, I'll grant you that. EDIT: I just THINK that with the limited knowledge of Andrew Johnson that this TL would have, you could still conclude that outside of wanting to...
  9. DBWI: What if Lincoln was successfully assassinated?

    A point on this, Johnson himself was from the South and while he wanted to enact draconian punishments on the members of the Confederate Government and the leadership of the Confederate Army, it was never clear how much he wanted to extend that to the various wealthy former slave owners and the...
  10. How could the Soviet Union have survived, led by Stalin’s son?

    Well if Stalin DID want his daughter to be his successor he could set things up for her, but that would mean getting her into politics and having her rise up the ranks of the USSR's party bureaucracy and in a manner that makes her credible as more than 'Stalin's Daughter'. It could be done, but...
  11. How could the Soviet Union have survived, led by Stalin’s son?

    Vasily Stalin the ruler of the USSR.... Yikes. They MIGHT be better off ruled by Lavrenti Beria!
  12. One Queen of England After Another, Now For a Third: A Time Line from 1562.

    While the (Protestant) English would likely recognize Katherine as Queen, the Catholics in England will probably wind up backing Mary of Scots as the 'rightful Queen' due to her having a 'superior' bloodline and her being a Catholic Monarch and married to the King of France (Francis II). The...
  13. AHQ: What is some technology which theoretically could have been invented earlier?

    Several ancient societies had a level of hygiene that borderline modern standards. It's been invented several times and lost several times. The reason 'hygiene' was abandoned by the Medieval Europeans was that one of the ways they were catching the Black Death was from having open skin pores...
  14. Elizabeth of York born a boy

    Or he will just get close enough for an actual backstab...
  15. Elizabeth of York born a boy

    I could still see Richard III trying something if he (thinks) there's a hint of weakness on Male!Elizabeth's part. Though with Henry Tudor out there the Clarence/Warwick rebellion could be a signal to him that the 'reign' of Edward V isn't stable and try his own Lancastrian invasion so you...