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  1. AHC/WI: Detroit pulls a Chicago - Effects on the Midwest and the rest of the United States?

    Yeah, you'd need to go back to a point where either University of Michigan could stay in/move back to Detroit or a point where Wayne County could consolidate into the city of Detroit. Definitely gonna have to be before the 60s riots I think.
  2. Make a GOP presidential candidate win New York

    You'd need to push back the collapse of the War On Terror as a viable political revivalist project (which really *did* give the GOP Reagan-like authority for a bit again...)
  3. Could've Chris Christie beaten Obama in 2012?

    I think like with Trump he's gonna be made to choose a party-ideological paladin like Pence as VP. Not sure who exactly. Brownback?
  4. WI: Jerry Brown wins 1992 Democratic nomination, endorsed by Perot

    Bush was unpopular at the time and the GOP's 1980s planks had faltered under recession and the collapse of the USSR. Brown's ideological pivoting and substantial breaking from the Democratic old guard helps but I think a significant issue may be his "flake" factor -- making unforced errors like...
  5. Had FDR Lived Until 1948(& Still Been POTUS)Would HE Have Recognized Israel?

    Why not? Recognition of Israel took a lot of the question of the status of Jewish refugees off of the US/UK/Commonwealth, who still weren't that keen on letting large numbers in even after the war afaik.
  6. How does a Nixon win in 1960 shape the political parties going forward?

    It might complicate the calibration of the New Right somewhat -- a third of African Americans could still be Republicans, the white South might still be suspicious of the GOP until desegregation and voting rights is baked in. Or I guess you can just delay the Goldwaterite takeover until 1972.
  7. WI: Nixon administration (competently) pays off burglars, Watergate never fully revealed?

    I feel like even if it isn't Watergate it's something else: Nixon probably won't dial back on his paranoid chicanery not just because his psychology but he probably won't grasp the relationship between the press and politicians was changing as the public became more politically skeptical, where...
  8. Why is Russian Empires authoritarianism considered untenable?

    I could agree with this. But I think it's hard to avoid WWI altogether.
  9. Why is Russian Empires authoritarianism considered untenable?

    Even without WWI the political set-up wasn't stable and barely staved off a revolution in 1905.
  10. AHC: A Bearded POTUS after 1950

    Senator Phil Hart?
  11. WI: President Nixon (1961-???)

    Vietnam is the really big question -- but then wasn't Nixon supportive of JFK-LBJ policy before pivoting to Vietnamization when running in '68?
  12. WI: President Nixon (1961-???)

    Nixon is going to support something along the lines of CRA/VRA while making a Rockefeller gesture towards law-and-order if he makes it to two terms. Going "demagogic" isn't really an option, even in his '68/'72 bids he made a clear punch at the center.
  13. What would a Gore Presidency look like?

    Why is no Iraq for certain? Deposing of Saddam somehow was bipartisan consensus and Gore would receive the same intelligence (not to mention played a role in increasingly "warming" the Cold War with Baghdad under Clinton -- it wasn't all "peaceful" sanctions).
  14. How would Bush be remembered if Gore won in 2000 and captured or killed Bin Laden at Tora Bora?

    The thing is too the 9/11 conspiracy was already financed and in operation with people training in the US by Nov. 2000 and the FBI wasn't that even-odds close to figuring out what was going on. I don't think a Gore Presidency would go much differently.
  15. Reagan's "monkeys" comment to Nixon leaked before 1980 campaign

    I don't see it happening because back then there was much more of a public-private distinction on what the media would leak about politicians. But if it did happen it's less about what voters think and more about how GOP apparatchiks would take it (including the substantial pre-Reaganite old...