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  1. Not Easily Conquered
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    Introduction: This is an experiment. It is an attempt to view history through the lens of a family history. In this series we shall follow one family, through their family tree from the Point of Divergence through to the present day. This will take the form of biographies of various people on...
  2. Battle Royale: The Last Generation Of An SNES-CD Saga

    So no one wants to do the AMAs?
  3. Battle Royale: The Last Generation Of An SNES-CD Saga

    I'll join in. From a Rootalk AMA: I'm the creator of Crime Stories. Ask me anything.
  4. McGoverning

    True. I would just rather have be under GHW Bush or Howard Baker than Ronald Reagan or Jesse Helms.
  5. McGoverning

    I think George will win in '76 beating a conservative Republican. Then a moderate Republican will win in '80 and 84. Beyond that, I can't really say. Crazy idea/theory: if Samantha Smith shows up in the '80s and beyond I hope that she lives a long life and maybe, just maybe, runs for office herself.
  6. The Next Four Years After A Taft-Diaz Assassination

    Shouldn’t this be in after 1900?
  7. McGoverning

    So will you add stuff about pop culture too? Music? TV? Movies? Star Trek? Star Wars? Queen? Punk? Bowie? The Beatles reunion? SNL? Elvis? All in the Family?
  8. McGoverning

    It was just my theory.
  9. McGoverning

    Since we're on the topic of possible Republican candidates: 1976: Former Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA). He ran against Ford OTL and nearly won. With no incumbent Republican president to run against I can see him sweeping the primaries. Whether he'll win or lose and by how much I can't...
  10. McGoverning

    I know this is further down the line, but I'm wondering whether Phil Hart will be on the ticket in '76. Did you say something about that? I forget.
  11. Battle Royale: The Last Generation Of An SNES-CD Saga
    Threadmarks: The Amazing Race Canada, Season 4

    The Amazing Race Canada: Season 4: Times they are a-changing. This season of the Canadian version didn't shake up the formula too much and this was in a lot of ways a good thing. It was filmed from late April to late May 2016. The Cast Joel and Ashley: Former Miss Universe and her Stepfather...
  12. Twilight of the Valkyries: A 20 July Plot TL (Redux)

    Just out of curiosity is this TL going beyond the end of the war?
  13. AHC: Earlier “Actor” President

    Isn't there a quote somewhere that goes "No Jimmy Stewart as Governor, Ronald Reagan as best friend" or something along those lines?
  14. Anglo/American war of 1838?

    American support of the Canadian rebels. A border dispute. Take your pick.
  15. Anglo/American war of 1838?

    No reason to think the Canadian people would rise up?