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  1. WI: Colonel Gersdorff successfully suicide bombs Hitler on 21 March 1943

    But the Nazis weren’t willing to throw in the towel in 1943 historically. They were losing and would lose, but they had an awful lot of fight left in them. The US has been willing to exit conflicts with some pretty miserable people in the interest of expediency. A few war crime trials getting...
  2. WI: Colonel Gersdorff successfully suicide bombs Hitler on 21 March 1943

    It’s easy to say that, but will the people of the US and UK support a few million more men dead and crippled?
  3. Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House

    Would the blackmail files be publicly admitted to exist? I feel like most voters would think that corruption should be brought to light, and destroying them would just be sheltering the guilty or worse giving MacArthur the blackmail material.
  4. The Grey Revolution

    Has DC fallen? With Virginia and Maryland seceding it seems to be in a rough spot.
  5. AHC: The US with a high speed rail system as prolific as in East Asia or western Europe

    One thing in these train threads that often gets overlooked is how great cars are. I find the idea of a train pretty neat, but when I drive I can go with four other people for the same exact price as one and get from door to door without ever carrying my luggage. Sure there's costs built in...
  6. DBWI: Admiral Cobain does not join the navy?

    His rivalry with the Special Forces culminating in the Everman incident showed that he was never really of sound mind.
  7. At which point does "unconditional surrender" becomes unavoidable for Germany?

    Is there any chance of Germany just cashing out after the fall of France? Obviously Hitler is there doing his thing in real life, but if Germany had given up France minus some border adjustments is there really that much desire in Britain to keep fighting? It’s awfully easy to say that they’ll...
  8. How can we prevent the Philippines from becoming an American colony, and what is the impact?

    Taking Subic Bay and calling it a day doesn’t seem too improbable. The main value of the Philippines past power projection ultimately lay in not letting anyone else have them.
  9. WI: Enron did not collapse

    Would we know about them without the financial adventures? I only know the name of power companies I’ve paid each month, but I’m sure there’s like fifty or sixty more that do their same necessary yet boring jobs. Power companies shouldn’t make the news.
  10. Wi:US funds flooding the Qattara Depression 1957

    There’s a reason we aren’t desalinating everything, and it’s because it’s hugely expensive. A desalination plant that does 50 million gallons a day cost a billion dollars to build five years ago, maybe if you skipped all the environmental stuff you could get equivalent performance at the same...
  11. How accurate is the description of the Naval War in the Atlantic in Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising"?

    In Red Storm Rising the Soviets were trying to make it seem like the West was responsible in an effort to fracture Europe. If they led off with a bunch of surprise attacks using pre-positioned forces their false flag will seem a little threadbare.
  12. What can Germany do starting in December 1,1941 to win or at least get white peace in ww2

    Looking back it’s obvious the Germans couldn’t win, but was that really public sentiment at the time? It seems hard to believe that the Germans couldn’t get something for conquering Europe. Are people really going to trust the generals after they got flung into the sea?
  13. WW2 Technology WI: Airborne Divisions Create "Drop Pods"?

    Or you could take off on a wagon and leave it behind when you lift off. The wagon never even needs to leave the ground and you could motorize it if you need additional power.
  14. WW2 Technology WI: Airborne Divisions Create "Drop Pods"?

    Maybe they could just open their parachutes later. Airborne troops used the static line which automatically opened them. I assume there’s a good reason for that as I’m not a paratrooper, but if they fell ballistically for longer there’d be less dispersal. It certainly seems easier to engineer...
  15. Question, oldest language to still have native speakers

    When I read the question I was thinking it meant which language would have a speaker from longest ago still be able to communicate with a modern speaker. That's not this thread but I'm still curious.