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  1. Heinkel He 177 Germany's succesful longrange bomber

    An early Operation Eisenhammer with the floating mines:)
  2. Proxima: A Human Exploration of Mars

    Reminds me a bit of the 2010 scenario when they launch their Jupiter ship disguised as a space station, only hooking up booster modules at the last minute and surprising everyone.
  3. Germans introduce V1 in 1940

    That was less new hangers, more smaller and therefore cheaper aircraft.
  4. Space program questions version 1.00

    You could write in making use of lava tubes for habitation.
  5. Calais region part of Belgium?

    Would a Belgium government at the time of the Channel Tunnel discussions be as enthusiastic about a fixed Channel crossing as the French government of the time was?
  6. Operation Willi carried out Operation Willi was the German code name for the unsuccessful attempt by the SS to kidnap Edward, Duke of Windsor in July 1940 and induce him to work with German dictator Adolf Hitler for either a peace settlement with Britain, or a restoration to...
  7. County, not Tiger

    Well, she wasn't only carrying helicopters so I dont see why there would not be at least an equivalent ship.
  8. Calais region part of Belgium?

    I put it in post 1900 but I am thinking it is Belgium territory before 1900.
  9. Calais region part of Belgium?

    Not really sure where this goes. What changes could you see if most of the Calais region down to as far as Berck had ended up as part of Belgium rather than France?
  10. Jutland Redux - A summer soltice shootout

    Qustion is, how would he know? Wasn't it German boasting to the Swiss Ambassdor that alerted the RN to the probrlsm after Dogger Bank?
  11. Jutland Redux - A summer soltice shootout

    HMS Warrior is a good visit.
  12. Jutland Redux - A summer soltice shootout

    IIRC, standard policy was to begin coaling as soon as ships were back at port even before wounded were off so the crew have got that to look forward to. Easier for the oil fired ships of course....
  13. Operation Lucid ships reach their targets

    Operation Lucid was a British plan to use fire ships to attack invasion barges that were gathering in ports on the northern coast of France in preparation for a German invasion of Britain in 1940. The attack was initiated several times in September and October that year but unreliable ships and...
  14. Have the RN completely mallet the Reggia Marine from the Med' in WWII

    More aircraft in theory means more hits but hits on what? Looking at the positions of some of the Italian ships, they are going to be near impossible to hit with torpedoes, given how well they are screened by other ships.
  15. Cressy class cruisers are uniform 9.2"

    Discussion so far on the Battlecruisers board