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  1. How would a post-nuclear world look like?

    A political map of North America might look like the scene of Terminator 2 where the T-1000 is shot after being frozen. At first the nation shatters into warlord domains, gang ranges, 'station'-type settlements (several farms and maybe a tiny center but not a true town) and a scattering of...
  2. Spain Joins the Axis: What is its fate?

    Gibraltar is enlarged significantly and bordered by the Hozgargante on one side and the Guadarranque on the other. Galicia to Portugal. Catalonia may go independent. Otherwise Western Sahara to France, Baleric Islands and Equitorial Guinea to the UK, Canary Islands to the US.
  3. Describe and build a monument known for being described and rebuilt

    I was thinking something like a Tower of Pisa equivalent that gets destroyed repeatedly only to be physically rebuilt every so often, perhaps with the destroyers trying to improve on what was destroyed somehow.
  4. Describe and build a monument known for being described and rebuilt

    Maybe Roman ruins inspire others to build back bigger only for their civilization to be conquered...and inspire the conquerors to out do them. Maybe an eyesore is built to rub in victory over an enemy who are later subject to the same eyesore but larger and more unwieldly. Regardless of...
  5. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    As of yesterday, Elon Musk, the president of AVF (Aston Martin-Ford-Volvo)'s electrically-driven Tesla division released specs on the Model F3. Latest in a series of dual-role ground and air transports, the noe all-electric vehicle was touted to have a range of just over 750 miles on its...
  6. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    Such a jet engine as proposed woyld be an improvement and would take time for them to study/mass produce. Yes the turbochargers are still there but it was the best pic I could find on short notice
  7. How would a post-nuclear world look like?

    Assuming their air defenses still exist? And from which direction?
  8. AHC: Axis Victory in the Second World War

    *Sept 1938 - Polish annexations from the Munich agreement cause severe loss of faith and support for Poland by the Allies. Despite intense diplomacy, the damage is done. *Mar 1939 - Hitler completes the conquest of Czechloslovakia *Aug 1939 - Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact stuns Europe *Sep 1939 -...
  9. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    P-38 Bis "Heat Lightning" Originally a planned demonstration aircraft in order to fund refinement of the original L-133 Starjet design, in early 1942 a pair of refined L-1025 jet engines replaced the Alison prop...
  10. Alternate History: Explain the historical event

    Common ground is noted between the post-Colonial states during the late 1960s with Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda forming first a common trade bloc, then a common currency, then a loose political union. They play the United States and USSR off of each other for aid while...
  11. How would a post-nuclear world look like?

    It sounds like we need a separate thread for descriptions of a post-nuclear world if the war occurred in (year X). And not necessarily what it would look like if Continuity of (Government) Operations plans were actually successful.
  12. How would a post-nuclear world look like?

    Why not (West and East) Germany? Or Austria? Or China?
  13. How would a post-nuclear world look like?

    First there would be death. Lots and lots of death. Survivors would likely be malnourished, vulnerable, and will probably start to organize before the CoG plans come into effect. While the old governments will rise per plans, that doesn't mean everyone accepts them. Civil wars will arise and...
  14. How would a post-nuclear world look like?

    This is more a modern problem than one for the 1960s and 1970s. There are still plenty of rural farmers who can get on without electricity and many of the survivors will likely have had *some* exposure to agriculture, or at the least went through the lean times of the Great Depression. You...
  15. How would a post-nuclear world look like?

    A new UN equivalent with teeth, especially in a world lacking a definitive superpower, would probably be able to do so very easily. Given that much of the planet was destroyed and maybe 1/2 to 4/5 of humanity killed due to such foolishness I doubt anyone would stop said military anyway, at...