I was born on Tim Curry's 48th birthday and the seventh anniversary of the first airing of “Good Night” (the first of The Tracey Ullman Show’s “Simpsons shorts").

My maternal great-grandparents survived a death march through the Syrian desert, from Pontus to Smyrna. My dad, the son of a Greek Civil War veteran-turned-cop/farmer, was born in a field near Thessaloniki; I've seen my dad eat a live insect more than once.

Due to my allergies (nuts, pollen, and hay fever, mostly) and my mother's hypochondria, I spent much of my childhood indoors, and so I've read a lot of books and I've seen lots of movies and TV shows. I used to play with Legos all the time while growing up. I won my high school superlative for most artistic (male) student, but I haven't really drawn much in a long time. Hobbies: alternate history, regular history, reading, writing, and NOT looking at a computer screen every so often.

I have three majors (English, History, and Art History) and two minors (Greek Language, Creative Writing) from Rutgers University (New Brunswick). I also received a Master's Degree in Labor Relations from the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations in 2019.

Employment history:
teen years: mainly washing dishes and janitorial duties alongside laundry and other chores.
college years: landscaping and yardwork (mowing lawns, watering flowers and produce gardens, post-hole digging, assembling and securing deer fences, pruning trees, and picking fruits and vegetables (Don't you just hate how green beans just blend in with the rest of the greenery? You know what I mean?)). I also had some writing bits published in Rutgers' literary magazine (both online and print versions).
Post-College years:
April 2021-April 2023: worked remotely as a resume writer for
Since 2023: working remotely as a resume/cover letter writer for RandStad Risesmart and as a senior resume editor for the McGehrin Group – If you need a professional resume, check either place out (and ask for “Georgie P.,” please! (Seriously, I work on commission, so I appreciate every client order I get!)).

I have been nominated once for the Robert P. Perkins Award for Oustanding Contributions to AH, and I am the author of the timeline "Kentucky Fried Politics," which has been nominated six times for a Turtledove Award.

And... um, that's been about it so far. So, yeah, I'm not really that interesting... sorry...
good ol' glorious New Jersey
Real Name
My birth certificate reads "Georgios" (the Greek form of George), but I always go by "Georgie."