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  1. Stalin dies on...

    Might a differnet Soviet leader want better relations with the West. Could a deal to "Finlandize" Poland bed done. If so and if the Soviet forces worked with the resistence might that have shortened the war in Europe
  2. How significant would the partisan movement be in the USSR if Germany won WW2?

    ON the other hand people would be so desperate. Usually in most contexts many people back the government because they fear chaos. But actually the Nazi were well Nazis. They did not even want Slavoniv people to be around
  3. Probability of Hitler Rising In a World Without the Soviet Union?

    Another factor is that the German CP in otl took Stalin's orders, NOT willing to work with other anti fascists
  4. AHC make Mexico the most powerful country in America

    A bigger Mexico might also attact other Catholic migrants, notably from Ireland
  5. Ideal American Reconstruction

    The Amendment would be ratified by the loyal conventions elected in the fall of 1865
  6. Ideal American Reconstruction

    The planter class could only survive economically after emancipation by extreme exploitation. If the land was also owned by those who did the work and the big houses made in schools I think the former slaves could have survived. The time to do this was in 1865 in the immediated aftermath of the...
  7. WI Nixon and Agnew scandals come out in October 68

    If the efforts to undermine the peace talks and Agnew's corruption came out in the 68 election campaign I assume that Humprey wins. How big of a difference does this mean
  8. President Lamar Alexander?

    GW Bush loses Texas governor election 94. Seeks and wins nomination in 2000
  9. WI: No prohibition movement

    Could the idea of Temperence instead of legal prohibition have changed a LOT?
  10. Ideal American Reconstruction

    Also the Reconstuction governments should have recruited large numbers of folk ( mainly former slaves) who had serve the in Union Army
  11. AHC: Prime Minister Shirley Williams

    She decides she wants to Be Prime Minister. Runs and wins Warrington. No Falklands war. Parties agree the candidate for Prime Minister will be chosen by a joint ballot.
  12. how different would world war two be if the Soviets lost the Russian Civil war?

    fear of 'the reds' the far left existed way before the Soviet Union
  13. Challenge: End the Great Depression before the 1932 election

    Serious sanctions on Japan over Manchuria brings the Pacific War forward 11 years?
  14. What If James B. Weaver won the 1892 election?

    wi Cleveland won in 88, and the panic hit earlier
  15. AHC Wi Scotland independent by 1980

    How might this happen? And what if Thatcher did NOT have all that oil revenue/