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Year of the Three Secretaries - A Soviet survival TL

Premise and POD

Leonid Brezhnev dies, his successor Arvīds Pelše get assassinated and Alexei Kosygin becomes leader of USSR in 1968.


Chapter I: Two Funerals and an Excommunication, 1968- 1970.

Chapter II: Détente, Reform and Afghanistan, 1970-1979.

Chapter III: The Soviet-Iranian War and its Aftermath, 1979-1980.

Chapter IV: Reform and the End of Détente, 1980-1984.

Chapter V: Renewed Confrontation, 1984-1988.

Chapter VI: Democratization and Crisis in the Eastern Bloc, 1988-1998.

Chapter VII: Renewed Détente and the War on Terror, 1998-2013.

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