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Achaemenid Persia


Known as the Achaemenids, aka the Akhaimenids, aka the Akhaimenidai, aka the Haxamanishiya.

The Achaemenids originated in the region known as Parsa, Persis to Greeks, and identified Achaemenes/Akhaimenes/Haxamanish as their eponymous ancestor. The Achaemenids became the rulers of the world's largest ever state during the reign of Cyrus/Kyros/Kurush, often known as 'the Great', who conquered much of the known world. Their Empire, at its height, officially stretched from Epirus to the Indus River, from the great steppes to the great deserts of Arabia and Africa. The dynasty had many members, and the next King was usually chosen by his predecessor rather than being decided by right of birth. Spare brothers, uncles, and sons were often chosen to lead important regions of the Empire. The main line came to an end with Xerxes/Xsharyarsha 'the Last', though obscure or cadet branches of the dynasty would continue to exist. This page only collates those Achaemenids who ruled as Kings of Persia.

The Dynasty

* Achaemenes/Akhaimenes/Haxamanish Late 8th-Early 7th Century BCE?

* Teipses/Cishpish Early-Mid 7th Century BCE?

* Cyrus/Kyros/Kurush Mid-Late 7th Century BCE?

* Cambyses/Kambyses/Kambujiya c.600-559 BCE

* Cyrus/Kyros/Kurush II 'The Great' 559-530 BCE

* Cambyses/Kambujiya II 530-522 BCE

* Bardiya/'Gaumata' 522 BCE

* Darius/Dareios/Darayavaush 'The Great' 522-486 BCE

* Xerxes/Xsharyarsha 'The Great' 486-443 BCE

* Achaemenes/Akhaimenes/Haxamanish II 443-441 BCE

* Artaxerxes/Artaxshahya 441-419 BCE

* Cyrus/Kyros/Kurush III 419-397 BCE

* Ariabignes/Aryabigna 397-341 BCE

* Artabana 340 BCE

* Darius/Dareios/Darayavaush II 340-338 BCE

* Xerxes/Xsharyarsha II 'The Last' 338-330 BCE

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