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Where Lanterns Burn (Erebor ISOT)

An ASB timeline currently beign constructed by Mr Shine. The plot involves a copy of Tolkiens Lonely mountain, at the height of Thror's power and influence (with Thorin being four years old) transported to the eastern territory of the Heruskoz (known to the Romans as the Cherusci), a proto-germanic tribe living among the eastern tributaries of the Ems river during the Early Spring of 100BC. This event closely follows the defeat of the Cimbri army by the Romans and the suicide of their women and children, causing some later thinkers to regard it as a sign of great change.

You can find the timeline here.

Currently, a number of events are planned for the timeline, including

  • The Arrival of the Mountain and Thrors meeting with the Heruskoz
  • The recognition of the Dwarves as the Durinoz (Durin's Folk) and the appropriation of cattle via raiding
  • The distribution of gold and the Potato to Thror's allies
  • The Winning over of the Hattoz (Chatti) into alliance with Erebor.
  • A minor war with the Teutones and the remnant Kembroz (Cimbri) over the fate of slave women who sought refuge within the mountain rather than be sacrificed on the pyre of a woman they hated.
  • The Travels of Balin, son of Fundin as Ambassador to Rome, accompanied by Gloin, Son of Groin.
  • The Relationship between Balin and two men of the Republic: Gaius Julius Caesar and Marcus Portius Cato
  • Balin's involvement with a slave woman who he elevated to his household and her willing liasons with Caesar
  • The Marriage of the Young prince Thorin to Ishild of the Habukoz (Chauci) and the birth of their son.
  • The flight of Cato and his legion to Erebor, and the discovery that Balin's named son, Aki, is in truth the issue of Caesar.
  • Diplomatic and Military mission to the land of the Sweboz in order to secure alliances against possible Roman aggression.
  • The attempted Assasiantion of Aki by roman agents on the orders of Octavian and the death of Thror.
  • The Seige of Erebor by three Legions, which will be broken.
  • The Death of Ishild
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