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What Madness Is This ?

A timeline chronicling a very different history of what would in OTL be known as the United States, with many divergences throughout the late 18th and early 19th century and beyond. Ultimately, it tells the story of a balkanized North America and focuses on how alien (yet oddly familiar) the setting and its politics and society would be to us… Created by Napoleon53, this timeline can be found here.


Title Card, courtesy of Zoidberg12

Chapter 1: "John Adams' Fateful Presidency Changes History Forever"

Chapter 2: "The First Term of the Adams Presidency & The Franco-American War"

Chapter 3: "Kill the Bugger !"

Chapter 4: "Hang Hamilton !"

Chapter 5: "We the People, of the Great Republican Union..."

Interlude: Summary of first five chapters, plus some minor additions

Chapter 6: "1803-1815"

Chapter 7: "America Divided" (plus a slight revision of Chapter 6)

Chapter 8: "King of All He Surveys"

Chapter 9: "Territorial Exchange and the Canadian Plot"

Chapter 10: "The War of 1812 Begins"

Chapter 11: "War of 1812 - The Caribbean Theatre"

Chapter 12: "War of 1812 - The Canadian Theatre"

Chapter 13: "Pax Napoleonica"

Chapter 14: "The World Congress of Vienna, Part I"

Chapter 15: "The World Congress of Vienna, Part II and Conclusion"

Chapter 16: "Remember the Madison !"

Chapter 17: "Viva la México !"

Chapter 18: "The World Congress of Berlin - Prelude"

Chapter 19: "The World Congress of Berlin"

Chapter 20: "The World Congress of Berlin - Conclusion & The Green Mountain War"

Chapter 21: "Death of An Era & The Coronation of Napoleon"

Chapter 22: "Succession Crisis in Austria"

Chapter 23: "The Gilded Age Dawns"

Chapter 24: Onward Christian Solder; The Biography of Goerge Armstrong Custer; Part One

Chapter 25: The Life of Reverend Aaron Burr II; The Founder of American Fundamentalism

Chapter 26: The Company Men

Chapter 27: The 1838 World Congress: Tragedy in Paris and The World Congress of Paris: Aftermath

Chapter 28: The Balkan Wars

Chapter 29: The Birth of the Prussian Empire and The Bonapartes and Hapsburgs regroup

Chapter 30: The First Louisiana Rebellion

Chapter 31: The Race for Africa: Part One (1840-1865) A guest chapter on TTL's Scrambel for Africa analog written by Zoidberg12.

Chapter 32: Onward Christian Solder; The Biography of George Armstrong Custer; Part Two and Russia's Mad Prince

Chapter 33: 1878: Pope Sixtus VI

Chapter 34: Zenith of the Gilded Age

Chapter 35: The Southron Nations

Chapter 36: The March on Philadelphia

Chapter 37: The Race for Africa: Part Two (1865-1890) A guest chapter on TTL's Scrambel for Africa analog written by Zoidberg12.

Chapter 38: A New Generation of Bonapartes

Chapter 39: England and Russia

Chapter 40: March 5, 1890...

Chapter 41: The Mexican-American War

Chapter 42: The Panama Canal and The R.U. Invasion of Hawaii and the Pacification of the Pacific

Chapter 43: Birth of a Monster

Chapter 44: Breaking News: May 9, 1900...

Chapter 45: The Louisiana Purchase

Chapter 46: The Custer Youth Brigade and Child Soldiers in the Korean Conflict

Chapter 47: The Missionary War: 1903-1905

Chapter 48: The Race for Africa: Part Three (1890-1920) A guest chapter on TTL's Scramble for Africa analog written by Zoidberg12.

Chapter 49: Autocarriages, The Roaring 'Teens and Europe: Part One

Chapter 50: Aviation and Europe: To 1930!; Part One

Chapter 51: Europe: To 1930!; Part Two

Chapter 52: The Second Mexican-American War and the Annexation of Texas, 1909-1912

Chapter 53: The Brave New World: Part One

Chapter 54: The Brave New World: Part Two

Chapter 55: The World Sport

Chapter 56: Black Christmas: 1925; The Death of George A. Custer

Chapter 57: The Iron Steele

Chapter 58: The Union Government: 1930

Chapter 59: Winston the Bear: The Rise of the English Custer

Chapter 60: The Early Years of the Oswald Brothers; 1917-1941

Chapter 61: The Reservation War and the Birth of California

Chapter 62: The Cold War Begins

Chapter 63: The Golden Age of Entertainment: Part One

Chapter 64: The Golden Age of Entertainment: Part Two

Chapter 65: The Golden Age of Entertainment: Part Three

Chapter 66: The Great Purge of 1954

Chapter 67: Prepare for War

Chapter 68: Manning the Guns

Chapter 69: “And so it is war!”

Chapter 70: Europe at War

Chapter 71: Bloodbath on the Columbian front

Chapter 72: The Great Wartime Awakening

Chapter 73: The Spirit of ‘56: The Welsh Revolution

Chapter 74: The Southron Home Front

Chapter 75: High Treason

Chapter 76: Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Chapter 77: The Middle East: Part 1

Chapter 78: Italian Side of the War: Part 1

Chapter 79: Rise of the Russian Bear

Chapter 80: The Camps

Chapter 81: The Middle East: Part 2

Chapter 82: South American Turmoil And The Rise Of The Syndicate

Chapter 83: Apocalypse

Chapter 84: Praise The Lord And Pass The Radiation

Chapter 85: Cold Steele

Chapter 86: There Will Be Blood

Chapter 87: Bloodbath In Europe

Chapter 88: Adolf’s Inglorious Bastards

Chapter 89: America Ascendant

Chapter 90: “An American Humanity”

Chapter 91: Italian Side of the War: Part 2

Chapter 92: Marching Through Georgia

Chapter 93: Italian Side of the War: Part 3

Chapter 94: “A Cure For The Betters Of Society”

Chapter 95: A Mad Afternoon with Bill Graham

Chapter 96: The Italian Side To The War: Epilogue

Chapter 97: The Sardinian Accords: Part 1

Chapter 98: The Sardinian Accords: Part 2

Chapter 99: The Sardinian Accords: Part 3

Chapter 100: The Times They Are A-Changing - Dawn of the American post-war world of tomorrow

Chapter 101: The Berlin Affair

Chapter 102: The Patriotic-Comrade Act

Chapter 103: M.A.D.ness

Chapter 104: The American Mission In Great Britain: Part 1

Chapter 105: The American Mission In Great Britain: Part 2

Chapter 106: The Spice Warof 1964

Chapter 107: Conquest of Turkey

Chapter 108: American Tamerlane

Chapter 109: “Pittsburg, Thanks be to God and President! We have touched down! Halleluja!” - America in Space

Chapter 110: The Crash of ‘71

Chapter 111: Oil, Revolt, and Treason

Chapter 112: The Beginning Of The American Civil War

Chapter 113: Collapse

Chapter 114: “Save Your Columbian Money, Boys...”

Chapter 115: The Californian War of Independence And The Death Of The American Empire

Chapter 116: Downfall: 1974

Chapter 117: Downfall: 1975

Chapter 118: European Affairs

Chapter 119: The Asian and Chinese Wars

Chapter 120: 200 Years of Horror - The Bicentennial of the Failed Experiment

Chapter 121: The Birth of the Confederacy

Chapter 122: The Reverend Returns

Chapter 123: The Seventh Day Of The Seventh Month of the Seventh Year

Chapter 124: Caesarina The Terrible

Chapter 125: War, It's just a shot away: 1996

Chapter 126: The New Centry: The Eve of Destruction

Chapter 127: Zero Hour

The Madness Continues - An Alternative Ending

Chapter 128: Crackdown

Chapter 129: Pacification of the Caribbean

Chapter 130: The Australian Revolution

Chapter 131: The Day The Empire Died

Chapter 132: All Hail

Chapter 133: Dear Diary - An excerpt of Private Dicky Reynolds's journal

Chapter 134: Global Police

Chapter 135: The Secret Civil War - America Under Orra

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