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Welsh History Post Glyndwr

A timeline created over at the Alt History Wikia by our Welsh board member the sarge, along with his friend and co-writer.

Premise and POD

Owain Glyndwr's rebellion proves succesful and Wales manages to win back its independence from the Kingdom of England during the early 15th century. What follows are six centuries of complex, original and realistic developments in the Kingdom of Wales, chronicling the fate of the country until the present day.

Focus and style

The timeline focused primarily on developments in Wales, where the course of local history is often a lot different to OTL.

However, most of the ATL developments in the wider world are very similar to ours, utilizing a fair amount of butterfly nets. This is a deliberate small concession to realism, made in order to not make the allohistorical setting too alien to readers, and in order to explore what roles a small and fairly peripheral country like Wales could play in a history familiar to our own.

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