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Vivere Militare Est

A timeline created by rvbomally, with plenty of contributions from other members, which explores an alternate WWII where the supernatural definitively exists. Although fundamentally different from our world from the outset, the only large changes start appearing in WWII, when Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan attempt to use cosmic horrors to win the war. This plan backfires when the Allies use their own preternatural forces, which forces the two sides to a stalemate. The post-war era sees the establishment of the Preternatural Containment and Regulation Association, an organization founded by the five great powers to fight the growing supernatural threat. The bulk of the TL is set in 2015, several decade after the end of the war, and large parts of the world are under the effective control of supernatural entities or their human acolytes. Meanwhile, the five great powers of Germany, Japan, the United States, United Kingdom and Soviet Union are busy trying to curb the influence of their rivals.

Vivere Militare Est can be read here. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat, a short story set in the VME universe written by Ephraim Ben Raphael can be read here


Leng Arc

PCRA finds the Leng site

Subject: Congratulations!

Subject: Shipment Quality

Dearest Augusta Arc

Anomalous Material #155-A

Anomalous Material #155-B

Anomalous Material #155-C

Anomalous Material #155-D

Anomalous Material #155-E

Anomalous Material #155-F

Anomalous Material #155-G

Anomalous Material #155-H

News Articles

Zagreb: Croatian Thaumaturgy Facility "For Peaceful Energy Purposes Only"

North Italian Gastplasm Trade at All-Time High

PCRA Investigates Claims of Romanian Government of Cultivating Vampire Hives in Eastern Zone

United States Army to send advisers, revenants to Mexico

PCRA: Kyoto Zone Shows "No Signs of Improvement"

Cultist Training Camp Raided in Scotland

Hellfire Blaze Starts in Eastern Congo; South Africa Denies Involvement

Luftwaffe Celebrates 70th Anniversary of the Glocke

Ruiz: "America Will Retake Hawaii by 2016"

Japanese Refuse Access to Mu by Chinese, French Archaeologists

Local Cult Attempts Ritual in Field , by Haseri

Where is the Real Adolf Hitler?

"Mad Jack" sightings reported in rural Belgium

Ruiz: Kyoto Despoiling "Military Necessity"; "Humane Option"

USSF to Redeploy Pacific Rift Defenses to Hawaii

Western Pacific Settles for Million

Germany Declares War Against Vampirism

PCRA Quick Tips

Surviving in Werewolf Territory

Malfunctioning Tsukumogami

Anthropophagic Tree, by Ephraim Ben Raphael

Preternatural Diseases, by Ephraim Ben Raphael

Daemons, by Ephraim Ben Raphael



Occult Watch

Order of the Black Sun

Deathless Army

Crimson Company

Guild of the All-Seeing


Children of Oblivion

Polish Underground Army

Tamil National Army of Kumari Kundam , by Kriegdämmerung

Brass Knights

The Damned of Helheim

The Everliving Crusade

God's Pallbearers


Eternal Domain of All Under Heaven

Army of Zahhak, by Kriegdämmerung

Indian National Congress - Harappa, by Kriegdämmerung


Samedi Division

Deutsches Reich (Kaiserreich-in-Afrika)

First Hakkoda Armored Group

Fourth Reich

Sons of Liberty

Brides of the Allfather


Free France

Narrative Stories

Vietnam, by Ephraim Ben Raphael


The Bog, Part I

The Bog, Part II

The Bog, Part III

Freakier Friday

Documents & Images

Site Safety Begins with You!

What is the PCRA’s greatest foe?

Subject: Firearms Discharges


Map of Europe


Suffer Not the Witch to Live

Involved in Afghanistan

Flag of Kemet

Gashadokuro, by Sith

Subject: New Tech Support

MIRV Despoiler

Flags of the UN

Space program symbols

Interview: Early Sagacity Syndrome

Interview: Intermediate Sagacity Syndrome

Severe Sagacity Syndrome

Fourteen Minutes

Subject: Artemis 25 Caches

Subject: Tech Regulations

The Pluto Anomaly

Junk Duty

Employee Satisfaction

Subject: Morale

Subject: RE: Morale

Project Blackhawk

FBI Venting

Creepy Crawly

It's Just a Flesh Wound



The Middle East: The Playground of Empires, by Ephraim Ben Raphael

World Map, 2015

New Zealand Seminar


Subject: Gastplasm Reactors

Fuck Halloween

New Zealand Debrief

From Hell


ABC News

Danger: Nonstandard Space Time

The Tsar Addresses, by vongreif

Caveat Emptor

The Dragon's Triangle

Map of the Moon

Entity Profile 005


Pest Control

All The Myriad Ways

Subject: Reactor Leak

The Torii of Kyoto

Mountains of Madness

Anomalous Material #589-B Log

Phantom Broadcasts

Beast of Job

How Despoiler Bombs Work

How Despoiler Engines Work

How Proton Wands Work


PCRA History 1

PCRA History 2

PCRA History 3

PCRA History 4

PCRA History 5

Timeline of the Space Race

The Indian Exclusion Zone, by Kriegdämmerung

Rise of the Australian Republic

The Leng Crisis

The Congo Crisis, Part I

The Congo Crisis, Part II

The Congo Crisis, Part III

History of the State of Israel, by Ephraim Ben Raphael

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


The Iranian Civil War, by Kriegdämmerung

And then Tehran Exploded

Battle of Tajrish

Iranian Civil War Part I

Iranian Civil War Part II

Iranian Civil War Part III


In at the Undeath

Not with a Bang but a Whimper, by Kriegdämmerung

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